Half Dome #31 in the books

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

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    A lot going on at Yosemite. First, I did my 31st Half Dome hike. Not a big deal, but I’m happy. Weather today was superb and a lot of water still coming out of the falls. NO spray on the Mist Trail. We got up early since today was a “look for bodies” day. They close the Mist at 7 am until noon on Thursdays.. We got up well before the closure.

     I met a lot of blog readers. No pix until I get home and download them.

     A motorhome exploded near the Cedar Lodge in El Portal, about 12 miles south of the Arch Rock entrance on Hwy 140. We saw the huge flame cloud rising about 1 pm. Because of the fire Hwy 140 is closed and the park lost power. We are staying at the Ahwahnee (another story) and they have a generator – so we are good.

   The consensus feeling is that the death of Ryan Leeder was probably a suicide on Monday. He had a history of mental problems and other hikers said he was acting strange on the way up hal Dome.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “”God never made an ugly landscape. All that sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild.” – John Muir 

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7 Responses to “Half Dome #31 in the books”

  1. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    Have you done the Angel’s Landinfg hike yet? Ever stay at Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon?

  2. Lori B Says:

    You should. Both are amazing. Angel’s is not quite as scary or hard as Half Dome IMO….
    And the first part of the Grand Canyon hike is easy….haha..as the signs say, “Going down is optional, going UP is mandatory!”
    If you ever get the chance, go do both.

    • mrhalfdome Says:


      When I did Zion, I was on a motorcycle and did not have the 4 hours RT to do Angel’s Landing…another day. I have rafted the Grand Canyon 3 times so have done the up/.down hike…just not been to Phantom Ranch.


  3. ewingh8 Says:

    Congrats on # 31, when is number 32 gonna happen? And on average how many times do you go up h.d. each summer?

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Thanks….Guides are way beyond me…and there is a guy in Modesto who is up to 68….He drives from home/back in the same day. Ugh. But I do many other things in life. Target is Oct 6 for next hike. Started in 1990 – once a year, then upped it in the last few. 3 times in’10 and ’11.


      • ewingh8 Says:

        That’s pretty cool, I see where it can be addicting. Modesto guy has an avantage, being so close. I did similar thing. I live in Madera, up early, left at 2 am. Was on trail at 5, up on top by 11. Back to car by 5pm. Home by 8. Really kicked my butt! Next time I will try to stay inside the park. I really enjoy your blog….keep it up.

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