Bulletin – Mist Trail to close on Thursdays

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Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin

The park has said that the Mist Trail from Happy Isles to the top of Vernal Fall will be temporarily closed every Thursday from approximately 7 am to noon for search and recovery operations. 2 people haven ot been found formthe Vernal Fall accident. For Half Dome hikers, you’ll need to go up the JMT via the the horse trail, which begins behind the Nature Center at Happy Isles. Funny, there was no press release on this as of 10 pm PDT, just a note on their Facebook page.

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10 Responses to “Bulletin – Mist Trail to close on Thursdays”

  1. Andy Says:

    They also sent out a text message.

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      But still no official press release…odd.

    • Maureen L Says:

      it’s now listed under Current Conditions.

      you have to scroll down to Trails and Wilderness.

      the horse trail intersects the JMT close to where the Mist Trail and the JMT intersect. a quick left turn should bring you to the start of the trail up beside Vernal Fall.

      • Roberto Hernandez Says:

        I thought the horse trail was for “STOCK ONLY”

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        The park sez to go that way.

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        The Horse trail goes from south east of the Happy Isles entrance and snakes up to intesect the JMT just above Register Rock…then this merged trail is the JMT up to Clark Point, Along the Rock Cut to Nevada Fall and into Little Yosemite Valley.

      • Roberto Hernandez Says:

        True, but I think you have to do yhe whole jmt up to Nevada, right? If you looped from the stock trail over to mt, you would be by the part of the Merced where the bodies are likely caught in rocks.

      • mrhalfdome Says:


      • Maureen L Says:

        if one of your goals is the top of Vernal Fall, rather than straight up to Little Yosemite Valley and Half Dome, there’s a cross-over trail at Clark Point that goes to the top of Vernal Fall. (with a nice overlook view of the top of the fall, from a broad flat off the trail.)

        I can’t tell from the park website if the Thursday closures include the Mist Trail all the way up to the top of Vernal Fall or if they have us on the stock trail just from Happy Isles to the juncture with the JMT. if the latter, you could still hike up beside the falls.

        I hiked on the stock trail once before, October 2007 (?) when they were working on the trail between Haply Isles and the foot bridge with the view of the base of Vernal Fall. it’s a nice trail!

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        Me thinks they are looking for bodies just between the fall and the bridge…so the trail Maureen describes would only bypass the very lower Mist.The Horse trail can be dusty and with er, er, “droppings.” It was the original trail that Albert Snow built up to his La Casa Nevada.Good old George Anderson bater built the one we go up now from Happy Isles. I’ll tell all in the 2nd edition book I’m hitting the keyboard on now.

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