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Vernal Fall incident update

Rescue crews found the body  of Hormiz David on August 5 about 200 feet downstream of Vernal Fall. They are still searching for the other two who went over the fall on July 19. The Mist Trail may be closed intermittently as crews attempt recovery. This work  is very dangerous for the crews. 

Working hard 

     I’m back in the saddle at the Global HQ of Carpe Diem Experience, LLC , after spending 5 days in Anaheim. Here’s some musings then we’ll go on. First,  Southwest Airlines rocks. What a great business model. Really cheap early bird fares on the internet, a sane boarding process, free luggage, free peanuts and nice people. No wonder they are kicking butt. My original flight was cancelled so I got a voucher for $200.  But why is it that anyone over 18 can sit in the exit row? Sorry, but I want 210 pound bruisers there to open the exit door, not a 98 pound weakling. And they announce that if you are unwilling to “perform your duties” they can reseat you – sure I’ll give up my huge aisle seat with 5 feet of legroom for a center seat back with the cattle. And how do airlines turn around their planes so fast? When I was in Uncle Sugar’s Air Force, multi-engine aircraft (B-52’s & KC-135’s) were given an 8-hour preflight inspection and an almost as long basic post-flight inspection. Gee, commercial airliners empty the trash and gas ‘n go. Amazing.

John Muir stuff

     Thursday and Friday I attended the press, donor and member previews of the new Oakland Museum of California’s 6-month exhibition of “A Walk in the Wild: Continuing John Muir’s Journey.” Curator Dorris Welch spent 4-years putting this together with some great artifacts of Muir’s life. It is not a chronology of Muir but is segmented into major areas of Discovery, Wonder, Adventure, and Action. I won’t ruin it for you but be sure to see the 3-foot high model of Half Dome and the neat video featuring yours truly. I also have my head-mounted video going up the cables in the “Learn More” area. I’ll be doing a Family hiking orientation on September 11, so make your visit then. See an informative ABC-TV7 report by Don Sanchez. Exhibition admission is $12 and runs through January 22 – but go NOW while it’s on your mind. The museum is a short jaunt off I-880 on Oak Street.

Half Dome model
Floor map of Muir’s travels
Push the button – smell the tree

A legend in his own mind.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The sun shines not on us but in us.” – John Muir
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One Response to “Oakland Museum & John Muir”

  1. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    Anyone here do the SOARIN OVER CALIFORNIA DISNEY RIDE? You get the scent of evergreen trees while flying over Yosemite, and orange when you pass over central valley orange tree groves.

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