Save the date – Aug 6 – John Muir Exhibition

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

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     On August 6, the Oakland Museum will begin a five month exhibition on the life of John Muir. The great conservationist and “father” of Yosemite will be remembered in this first class display. Explore the legacy of John Muir’s life and how he continues to influence our relationship with the natural world in this special exhibition presenting both a historical and a contemporary lens on the natural environment of California. A Walk in the Wild: Continuing John Muir’s Journey” highlights Californians currently involved in environmental research and activism. 

    Although it runs until January 22, it’s easy to get involved in life’s other things and you may not attend if you don’t do it early. I helped out with their Half Dome content and am proud to be one of the so-called “Modern Day Muirs.” We think Muir was the 9th person up top and he wrote about his climb and peaceful time he had on the summit. He also burned one of the 5 pine trees.  

     The July 27 Open House recording of the presentations are now posted at  

    I flew down to the land of Mickey today – Anaheim and will be at the National Speakers Association Convention. Internet rates at the  JW Marriott would blow my tin-cup budget, so I can only scoot down several blocks to the McDonald’s to get free internet. Sessions run all day until 10 pm, so I may not be able to post for a while. Likewise, I may not be able to moderate any permit requests….I’ll try, but bear with me. I’m here to learn more ways to deliver a shot of adrenaline in my talks.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Patient observation and constant brooding above the rocks, laying upon them for years as the ice did, is the way to arrive at the truths which are graven so lavishly upon them.” – John Muir, 1870 

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4 Responses to “Save the date – Aug 6 – John Muir Exhibition”

  1. Sherrie Says:

    I’m hiking Half Dome August 13th. Is the Mist Trail still needing hikers to wear rain ponchos?

  2. Scott Baines Says:

    I haven’t been there this year and have read no direct reports of the current level of spray. That said, I went up the Mist Trail last year on 8/10 and did not need a poncho. Winter 2010 also saw very high snowfall (but less than this year) and Vernal was still roaring at that time, so with a different wind direction and strength things might have been different.

    So, I would bring one anyway. It’s very light, stows in your pack easily, and will come in handy if you encounter rain.

    Have a great hike!

  3. Brayton Says:

    I did the hike last weekend… Got a little wet but it was more refreshing than a soaking. I wore one up the trail but not one coming down.

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