A crummy commercial???

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

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   First, I want to thank the nearly 1,000 daily readers of this bloog for carving out a few minutes each day to stop by. I love writing these notes. It takes me about an hour to research a topic and prepare the blog. But I learn by the process. I am still open to guest blogs. If you have a morsel to share about Yosemite or Half Dome, send me an email.

     Yes, fans, tonight is a commercial. I gotta pay the bills. If you are new here, you noticed that I post no ads on my website or blog. WordPress does if you don’t subscribe. But not me. I am just sharing knowledge. But it does cost a few coins to run the good ship Half Dome. Why, my little dog, Yosey (as in Yosemite), is begging for kibble.

     You can help send him to obedience camp by patronizing my humble store. I designed these nifty 4-color 2-sided Haynes Beefy TShirts and offer them at $20. They are sick. (My nephew’s term.) I will put my design up against anything you will find at the park from Asian firms. Buy American!


    I went over to Bldg 4 and surveyed the warehouse. Here is the current stock: With Mr. Bones: 14 Smalls;  Without Mr. Bones: 9 XL, 1 L and 4 M. All are men’s sizes.  Go to my STORE and put an order today – I can get them out by Thursday. I leave for the park on Friday.

Thanks and tomorrow we get back to the Topic of the Day.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Every morning about this time, she gets me out of my bed a-crying.  Get a job. After breakfast, everyday she throws the want ads right my way. And never fails to say: Get a job!” – Silhouettes

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


10 Responses to “A crummy commercial???”

  1. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    Don’t those Euro-rich Europeans pay you bucketloads of Euros to teach them Nordic Walking?

  2. Dean Says:

    Heads Up there is a permit for today available at recreation.gov (as of 2am PDT)

  3. Todd Griffin Says:

    Hopefully this is were I leave a message for all to see! I am looking for a campsite to share this coming Saturday night, July 16th. I have 4 Half Dome permits I’ll give you, if you are kind enough to give me a small space to put my sleeping bag! I am going to get up early the next day and stand in line at the Wildnerness Permit office, so i will only be with you for the one night. Please if there is anybody out there, who could help me out, I would most grateful! My email address is:tgriffingriffin@yahoo.com or call me at 925-899-4581. Thank you!

    • mrhalfdome Says:


      I have a 4 man tent cabin that you can stay in. We’ll coordinate off-line.

      Carpe Diem,


    • Roberto Hernandez Says:

      For future camping reference… If you ate ever IN A PICKLE. There is FREE dispersed camping along Evergreen Road which is not far from the Park entrance. This is the road to Hetch Hetchy. I had a fine campfire with friends here on my last trip last month. You search for clearing alongside the road, and take whatever choice spot you find. You can sleep in your vehicle, a tent, or even outdoors in your sleeping bag. I would recommend a bivvy sack around the bag , and/or mosquitoe netting. You have lots of privacy, but also the comfort of many other campers in the area. Again, FREE!

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        Roberto is referring to the National Forest area just west of the park near Hetch Hetchy. And yes, you can camp without a fire for free at any National Forest. Fires require a permit.

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