How to survive the Mist Trail Deluge

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The next few weeks should continue see heavy spray at the Mist Trail. On my July 4th Expedition, it was one of the worst this writer has ever seen. After you pass through the granite arch about half way, it gets even worse. Heavy winds will soak you. Hear me now and listen to me later. If you take no precautions you will get wet to your jockey shorts. Here’s what savvy hikers do to say dry (kinda).

    1. Get a cheapo poncho from a local surplus store, drug store or outfitter. I’m talking spending no more than $1.29 for a thin Taiwan crafted cover.

   2.  When you put it over your head, attach the hood to your cap with at binder clip. Ditto on the lower sides to or pants. This will keep the wind from billowing the poncho over your head.

   3.  Bring 2 produce bags and 2 rubber bands. WRAP them around the tops of your boots and secure. This will keep water from running inside your boots.

Bingo. It will work for the 20 minutes you are in the spray. When you get to the top, shake it all out and jam it into your pack. Keep it if there is a threat of rain  later. If not you can offer the rig to others who are coming down after their sunrise hike.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: I need to laugh and when the sun is out, I’ve got something I can laugh about. I feel good – In a special way, I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.
Good day sunshine. Good day sunshine.”
– The Beatles 

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


17 Responses to “How to survive the Mist Trail Deluge”

  1. Al Says:

    ponchos are for wimps unless doing the Mist Trail on Memorial Day weekend … getting wet is the fun part and reason to do the Mist Trail.

    • mrhalfdome Says:


      Save time… just go into the Curry Shower Room fully clothed and crank it up!!! Wimps go the JMT.

    • Janet Says:

      But wet feet mean blisters. I’d prefer dry feet, and never would have thought of covering them until I read Mr. Half Dome’s book. Great idea that I’ve passed along to others.

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        Thanks, Janet. The produce bag gaiters with rubber bands work perfect. I went up July 4 into the Perfect Storm and was dry after.

        Carpe Diem

  2. AL Says:

    I save the CV showers after the long hike … it’s the best shower one could have. No blisters here. I always use waterproof hiking boots and non-cotton socks. I have done Mist Trail 10x and only the first time with poncho. Never again :+).

  3. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    t is so nice the Curry showers are free for everyone!

    • Maureen L Says:

      Things may have changed this year, I don’t think the CV showers are free for all. At least, not at the big shower house by the swimming pool.

      Depending when you go, you may have to show your CV tent key or pay, so be prepared!

      • Roberto Hernandez Says:

        I used the smaller shower house last month which is close to the #700? canvas cabin I stayed in last year and was familiar with. I have no idea about the poolhouse showers. Just glad for any free hot shower, any shower at all really…

    • AL Says:

      After 5pm, the shower attendant is gone at the big shower house near the pool. If he is there, be prepared to show your CV key or pay $5. But what’s $5 after coming down from Half Dome.

    • AL Says:

      7x in Half Dome, 2x in Clouds Rest, 2x Upper Yosemite Falls … I’d always pay $5 to use the Big House shower anytime. Shampoo and soap are provided. If you paid $5 (before 5pm) you get a towel with your fee.

  4. Kevin Koch Says:

    As of July 11, in my opinion, the booties are not required.

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Booties??? Booties??

      Do you mean the produce bag gaiters?? Ihope you are not putting your boots into them instead. So the flow is slowing down?

      • Janet Says:

        I had friends go up on July 11, brought all of their “rain” gear and didn’t wear it. They got soaked to the undies. They said that walking the Mist Trail was like taking a shower. I don’t think it sounds like the flow is slowing down.

  5. Kevin Koch Says:

    Well, my kids and I and the couple going up at the same time all agreed that boot protection was not needed. We did wear rain gear.

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