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    The past manager of Curry Village, Brett Archer, has been named the GM for the Ahwahnee Hotel. Nice work. His replacement is Lance Wellwood. Lance is an old time Yosemite man and has stepped into the role nicely. (Hey what’s that book he’s reading?)

     Every time I check into Curry‘s Tent Cabins, the front staff is very courteous and helpful. I love watching the bear info video. Lotsa dumb people leave food and scented items in their cars. Bears can rip open car doors like tuna cans.  Besides getting you your tent cabin, the staff needs to know a lot about the park and conditions. Lance revealed some ambitious plans forthcoming. One is that the park would like to put wifi connections throughout the Valley. Neat. Currently free wifi is available in the Curry Lounge and the bandwidth can get busy. Please don’t use SKYPE or download photos…this clogs the system. Another issue is what to do with all the “red taqged”  wood cabins behind the fence that were damaged in the rockslide off Glacier point 2 years ago. I think hard hat crews will scoot in and bulldoze them. It was sad to see this loss of over 200 units – especially the closure of the very nice shower complex there. Using the Boystown tent cabins and some employee housing, the park didn’t inconvenience too many visitors. A tip is to request a signature tent cabin. They have insulated walls, a real gas heater and a rare item in the tent cabins: a 110v outlet!

 Working with Lance is his office manager, Cheryl Cole.

    They handle all the back room operations for the Village. You can imagine the stress as about 400 rooms get filled nightly. 

     Next I offer a trip report sent in by John T. about his ascent on June 22, Opening Day. He posted it as a comment, but I wanted to give it better visibility. Thanks John. 

My wife and 20-year old son went up on 6/22, the day the poles and boards were installed. They got up to the sub dome around 11:45, sat around till 4pm when they were allowed to go up. I stayed at Upper Pines campground with my 7 and 10 year old kids. We went up the Mist Trail around 11 am and proceeded to the subdome arriving about 4:30. There was a ranger there asking for permits, I had two that went unused and would have gladly handed them off to anyone asking for them. I asked a group of guys on the left side of the trail, the ranger was on the right, and a couple of them jumped up and said “I want one”. Turns out they were the team that installed the cables. They had just made it down. My wife and son were on the 3rd board when I got in touch with them via walkie talkie from the top of sub dome. It took them a while to get to the top; many people using clip for safety??? What would happen if you really slipped while hooked in? The clips really slowed them down. Ranger told me that 180 people checked in before I got there. By the way… If you get to the bottom of the sub dome by say 4:30, the ranger leaves and you can scramble right to the top. I left the sub ome with my 7 yr old boy and 10 yr old girl after 5 pm and was back to Upper Pines (no shuttle for us) well before dark!!! (8pm ish?) Permit is good but not necessary if you really want it! (Editor: Permits are required 24/7)

Unrelated thought worth quoting: Sunshine came softly through my window today I could have tripped out easy but I’ve changed my ways.” – Sunshine Superman, Donovan 

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2 Responses to “Meet Curry Village management”

  1. Maureen L Says:

    I agree about the loss of the Nob Hill Shower House in Curry Village due to concern about future rock falls.

    As I remember it, very few tent cabins and hard-sided cabins were actually damaged in the October 2008 rockfall, and there were only a few minor injuries. Most of the YI kids and most everyone else was already up and out for the second, bigger one.

    The park service brought in a geology team to assess the area, and a good chunk of CV closest to the cliffs was considered to be at high enough risk to take them out of use.

    official statement:

  2. Mike Says:

    We used to love visiting Curry village and staying in the cabins in the now closed area due to “safety”. Unfortunately, politics have a lot more to do with the closing of the cabins and shower facilities than geology. It is hard for me to believe that if a geologist is concerned about a hard sided cabin being at risk that is 20 yards from the Curry dining pavilion but the dining pavilion is “safe”, something doesn’t add up. If you dig a little deeper, it turns out that by closing these units due to “safety”, it will potentially allow DNC to build new and fancier accommodations elsewhere in the park (probably Yosemite at the falls lodge) by bypassing litigation that has been on-going between the park management, the DNC, and some fringe environmentalist groups that have been opposed to any park improvements. The bottom line is that closing those cabins really irked me and the alternative so-called “premium cabins” are far from that and the replacement shower facilities are disgusting and a non-option for my family so I am no longer going to be visiting Curry Village. Thanks Yosemite park management and DNC.

    Oh, curiously, when there was rockfall behind the Awahnee that actually damaged cars in the hotel parking lot recently, I didn’t hear any discussion about red tagging the hotel.

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