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Soon my brothers . . . soon.

     Here’s the 4-1-1. The trail crews work Mon-Thurs only. It takes a full day to erect the pipes and boards. There is still a ton of snow on Sub Dome. They sent guys up to check it out Tuesday and mgmt reviewed their findings. Remember 200% snowpack …  it will be hitting the 70’s up there this weekend, so there is chance of a giant melt – and flood!!  They will not open it up until they are sure it is safe. And when the rock is wet it is like 10W40 motor oil.

Fresh from the park:

     Steep snowfields remain on the summit and steps of sub dome along the Half Dome Trail. Travel on these snowfields has the potential to be extremely hazardous. Because of this, the Half Dome cables are not expected to be put in place before June 17. The trail will be re-evaluated on June 14 and an updated conditions report posted on June 15.

     For now…patience and think of another great hike to do if you can’t get up Tissiack.  You can try on July 1 for October permits. Less daylight and colder, but it will be open until about Oct 10. Unless we get an early snow.

Reader Michael M. went up to sub dome and peered at the cables this week. He says  Sub Dome had some dangerous snow, making some parts unavailable.  Most of the steps had snow and it would be easy to get off the main gradient and slip down to Oblivion. He guesses about a week or two more needed.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “If you want to forget all your other troubles, wear too tight shoes.” – The Houghton Line 

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3 Responses to “Status of the cables”

  1. ScottS Says:

    So if I’m doing the math right: They won’t be up by June 17th (Friday), and the crew only works Monday through Thursday, and it takes two days to put them up, so that means the cables will NOT be up and available on Tuesday, June 21st, correct?


    Oh well. It’s our first trip to the park and I I have a very long list of hikes we want to do over our five days we’ll be there, so I’m pretty confident we’ll keep busy :).

    Thanks for the update, Mr. HD.

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      It can take 2 days to get the poles up if there are problems. Best thing is to keep checking here for updates…real time events…no crystal ball. I’d plan on another hike and wake up surprised if they are up. If you are in the park, check with the Wilderness office, Sports Store or Mountain Store.


  2. Don Meadows Says:

    Rick, though it can’t compare completely, was hike would you recommend as a “plan B”? We’re looking for a hood full day hike?

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