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     I am happy to announce my relationship with Everytrail (part of the TripAdvisor family) for the creation of a Half Dome Hike Guide that will run on smart devices. EveryTrail offers a large number of trail guides around the world. The free Half Dome Guide by Mr. Half Dome runs on iPhone and Android systems. The guide is a companion piece to the bestselling book: “One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome.” The goal was to make the best Half Dome tool available – and we succeeded.

     Include are a good trail map and 19 detailed Points of Interest (POI). They contain text and narration of the key spots on the hike, along with vintage and current photos to help interpret the history of the signature landmark of Yosemite. The theme is to provide you with vignettes about the interesting things you will see on your trek up to the top of Half Dome. Even if you are not doing the hike, you will learn quite a bit about it. I have included a series of videos that should be watched while you are preparing for your hike. I discuss and show you the essentials of boot/foot care, water treatment and the use of hiking poles.

     You’ll also be able to view several informative short segments before your hike. We show my ascent of the cables wearing a head-mounted camera so you can see exactly what to expect. You’ll enjoy the interview of Royal Robbins, the first person to climb the 2,000 ft vertical face of Half Dome in 1957. Inspirational narratives by Half Dome veterans and other clips will help motivate you.

     To download the new Half Dome Hike Guide (not trip and not the $1.99 one)): 1. Search for “EveryTrail” in the Apple App Store or Android Market as appropriate. Click on the FREE> slider. (The PRO version provides enhanced map features for a fee.) 2. Create an account within the EveryTrail app on your device. 3. Then search for the “Half Dome Hike ” GUIDE in the app and click download.

Note 1: iPOD Touch and iPAD devices are not currently supported by EveryTrail for this guide, but they will load and operate in a limited fashion. Videos, narration and image quality may suffer or not work. Go to the “I” icon (top right) and click it – then Use “Offline Data” and DOWNLOAD for better functionality.

Note 2: During your hike, you do NOT need to be connected to the internet to use the basic features of the guide. However, since the videos are via YouTube, internet connection is required and they should be cached on your device in advance. If your device/ mart phone has GPS, you will be able to see your position as you follow the track on the map.

Note 3: RELOAD the guide periodically to get the latest news, info and enhancements.

Note 4: Testing has shown about 70% cell coverage on the hike, depending on service. The antenna is behind the Valley Visitor Center and does not reach in the south shadow of Half Dome. To preserve battery life, turnoff GPS, watch videos while not on the hike and bring a power extender.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.” – Abe Lincoln

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


11 Responses to “FREE Half Dome Hike “Guide” available”

  1. Kathy Peck Says:

    Downloaded the app for my Droid X. It is a wonderful program. You put a lot of great info and I am sure a lot of time into it.
    I did not see GPS coords for the POI’s though. Are they listed elsewhere?

  2. Sönke Says:

    Super job, Ranger Rick! Works very well on my iPhone. I know that you’ve put A LOT of work, blood & sweat into this – thanks for sharing it for free.

  3. ScottS Says:

    I’ll add a big thumbs up on the app, too! I have an iPhone4 and it works great so far. I’ve only started fooling around with it, but it looks like it has a ton of excellent information. For example, I just found out that my current location in Wisconsin is 1,624 miles from the Happy Isles trailhead!!

    Well done, Rick!

    • Scott Baines Says:

      All Scott’s sound off here!

      Kudos on your latest accomplishment, Rick. This is a great tool and I look forward to using it.

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        Thanks guys…I really enjoyed doing it. Please give suggestions for improvements or any glitches you find. I intend to post a NEWS update on it regularly so RELOAD it (bottom of main page) occasionally. The videos in POI 1 were a hoot to do. Thanks to Apple and their iMovie for the ease of editing. And the Apple store one-to one program for us newbies to Apple was superb. When I taped Ryan Ghelfi my mic battery was dead so all that was working was in inboard mic in the camera – 9 feet away. iMovie allowed me to boost it to a nice level Whew. Ryan is at Southern Oregon Univ on the track team so it would have been hard to have a do-over!

        Tell a friend – heck it’s FREE.


  4. andy Says:

    Hiked the Yosemite Falls trail yesterday. Pretty crowded on the way up.We didn’t get on the trail until 2:15. Falls are roaring, a little cold on top but awesome views with clouds topping the whole valley. Nobody on the trail on the way down. It started RAINING about 7:30 in the valley.
    Today looks beautiful from the Yosemite View Lodge. We’re doing the Mist trail and will continue as high as possible up the sub dome. I have my permits. 🙂

  5. Matt Says:

    I have to echo Scott’s comments in basically every way. Oddly enough, I’m also in Wisconsin on an iPhone. The guide looks great in the limited time Ive had to check it out today. Really excited to check out all the audio and video content!

    A big cheers to you for all the hard work Rick!

  6. Zach Stewart Says:

    I need 4 permits for half dome on July 23 2011 please notify me anyone has some. Thanks a lot


  7. andy Says:

    Roberto, just kidding about the permits…

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