Yes, snow coming AGAIN

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

To request, trade or give permits, Click HERE.

** Put your contact info on the request. **

     The Half Dome Cables are not expected to be put up during the week of June 6.    


May 27 at the Mileage Marker Sign, JMT


     Early June and more snow on the way to Yosemite. Not much, but ENUFF is ENUFF already. The thread mentioned above to exchange permits is working. Not everyone will be able to do Half Dome, but I was happy to see many folks working things out. I reference Jeff’s comment:

I just want to thank Kevin publicly for helping my wife and I by trading us permits for the date we needed in August! We didn’t even have the date he needed, but he still made a trade with us to help us out.

   So hang in there, folks. Can I suggest that you contact each other via the email address that the other person has on their comment. We are getting literally HUNDREDS of requests and you can’t expect the other party to scan the comments. So communicate directly.

   I am not posting buy/sell offers, rants or cry-baby comments. We all know how hard it was to get permits. Write the Park Superintendent with your opinion And get involved in the planning process for the final decision on what will happen to the cables. The decision will be rendered in November and one option is TO TAKE THE CABLES DOWN. See more <HERE>.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Walking takes longer… than any other known form of locomotion except crawling.  Thus it stretches time and prolongs life.  Life is already too short to waste on speed.” – Edward Abbey

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


15 Responses to “Yes, snow coming AGAIN”

  1. andy Pecota Says:

    Sorry to say but I think the cables are doomed.
    Heading up there next week. Yosemite Falls Tuesday and Mist Trail on Wednesday. We’re going to go as high as we can go safely. Hoping to get up the subdome.

  2. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    Even with cables down, it would not be all that difficult to use ropes and basic climbing equipment to get up from on top of subdome. And this would solve almost all congestion, as hardly any novices would dare attempt it, nor probably most avid hikers. It is the PEOPLES’ park, wilderness, and dome, and I do not think the people want the cables taken out, though!

  3. Maureen Lahiff Says:

    yes, another storm coming through Saturday and Sunday.

    I usually shift the pointer on the weather map up to the marker for Illiloutte Ridge, which is about 8000 feet.

    NOAA’s not sure if it’s rain or snow; Saturday night snow level says 8100 feet.

    I got hailed on Wednesday hiking Hetch Hetchy, and there was hail on 120 on the way back. (I know Hetch Hetchy is relatively safe to hike in rain/hail because the ups and downs from the dam to view of Rancheria Falls aren’t all rocky and aren’t that steep.)

  4. Judith Says:

    What a year we are having!! Winter just won’t go away! I’m starting to think maybe should just skip Summer and go right into Fall in a couple of months. Hey… it could happen!

  5. Kathy Peck Says:

    I am wondering how long it takes the crew to put the cables up once the weather deems it safe.

  6. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    So, any new info on the cables, other than the crew being stationed in the cable area starting June 6th? Have they ruled out the cables being up by June 13th?

  7. Roberta Says:

    I’m doing half dome July 7, hopefully by then.

  8. ScottS Says:

    Any word on the Four Mile Trail??

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      4 mile trail is snowbound still with a rockfall clogging about 50 yars of it making it pretty risky. Keep off until the park opens it. If you proceed and get in trouble you get to face NPS punishment. It’s a fedarl offense to by-pass posted warning signs. They say CLOSED now.

      • ScottS Says:

        Thanks, Rick. No worries–I play by the rules! Just pondering some HD alternatives for our trip in a couple of weeks, just in case. Have several in mind, but this helps narrowing it down. This our first trip to the park, and you have way too many awesome hikes for just five days!

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