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      First off, sorry for the delayed broadcast. The Curry Village internet is flakey and the ATT man is trying to fix it. I’m at the park now until Tuesday. Hiked up to Glacier Point yesterday. With no Half Dome open, it’s a good 18 miles RT hike. The trail is fine. Just a bit of a brief drip-shower at the ice cut on the JMT near Nevada Fall, but no biggie. Illilouette Fall is roaring.

Lasting Adventures participants at Glacier Pt

Some snow at the top but go for it until the Half Dome cables get up.

Latest Hi-Tech gear at the Ice Cut spray on JMT

It’s Saturday morning and the park just does not feel jammed to me. A lot of parking spaces at Curry.  Bears are out and about. As of mid-May, there were 27 bear incidents at the park, which cost folks over $9K total in damage/loss.

Yesterday a rockfall occurred off of Hal Dome near Mirror Lake. No further details.

Thanks to SK of our International Bureau for this info from the NPS website:

The Half Dome Cables are not expected to be put up during the week of June 6 because there is a substantial snowfield on the Sub Dome. This steep snowfield can make access to the Half Dome cables hazardous for both trail crews and the general public. Slipping or losing one’s footing on this snow could result in a long fall with the potential for serious injuries. A trail crew will be stationed in the area starting June 6 and will be able to make frequent assessments of the trail and put the cables in place for the season as soon as conditions allow. The NPS will continue to provide weekly updates on the Half Dome Trail conditions and provide an expected date for placement of the cables, when known.


Unrelated thought worth quoting:Your body is built for walking.” – Gary Yanker

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –

9 Responses to “Glacier Point Hike”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Thanks fornall the great info Mr. Half dome. How difficult is the Glacier hike going next weekend with 3 friends. Looking for a few moderate hikes to do We’re all in pretty good shape but never been to Yosemite before so not sure which ones might be good. 18 miles is ok but is it major strenuous and all uphill? Want to do a half day and a full day hike but looking to stay alive too! But also don’t want it too easy either”. Thanks

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Yeah, it;s a workout! We had 6 including a boys 12 and 13. Took 11 hours total. do it!! 4 mile trial is still now bound (faces north) Yosemite Falls is great… about 6 hours RT to top and back. Poles are real handy on the hike.

      Gift store is now open up top and they carry my book!!! Sandwiches and ice cream too!!


  2. Mr. Clouds Rest Says:

    Is that the new Mr. Half Dome 2011 Parasol line? Very fashionable.

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      It’s from the North Face extreme gear catalog. Tested on Makalu with 68 mph winds.

      Several matching colors available for your summer hiking wardrobe.

  3. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    Is Glacier Point Rd open?

  4. andy Says:

    Glacier Point Rd is open

  5. Jeffrey Utterback Says:

    Thanks Rick for a Great hike on Friday, the boys and I had a great time and learned a lot from all your stories and Knowledge of the area.
    No lasting injuries, or problems, we look foreword to climbing Half-dome someday when conditions permit. The Glacier point route was very scenic, and full of panoramic views, we appreciate the personal tour.
    Jeff, Konrad Utterback, Daulton Kilpatrick

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