Half Dome cables – be patient

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

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     It’s looking grimmer every day.  May is out and now the weekend of Jun 4/5 is doubtful and I would not put my money on June 11/12 either. There is THAT much snow up there – and fresh snow on top of that. The Tioga Road plowing report was grim also. There’s still 11 ft of snow near Porcupine Summit. … and up to 20 inches of fresh snow. May be a July 1 opening. And there’s fresh snow on the Big Oak Flat Road off the Hwy 120 gate. I am driving up Saturday and may take Hwy 140 to play it safe . . . it’s the ALL WEATHER road.  I’ll try to blog to give you the latest.

     But the good news . . . I guarantee NO SNOW and OPEN CABLES in September. So what? Well June 1 is the date for getting permits for the 9th month. That’s less than 2 weeks away. Put it on your calendar. We are getting over 500 daily readers who come here for my musing – but also to play the “get a permit” game.  So if you can’t go up Half Dome in May or June, for gosh sakes go in September. It is beautiful. The hordes have left, the rugrats are back in school, the weather is good and daylight lasts until 7 pm. I love it.  So don’t comment that “I forgot about the permit requirement.” Get on recreation.gov at 7 am with the rest of us and don’t give up. Have some alternate dates ready. And if you don’t; hit paydirt right away, KEEP TRYING. Stay logged on until 7:45.  Many permits come up late as people don’t pay or complete their transaction in the allotted 14 minutes.  Just like you’re trying for those Pink Floyd tickets.  And no scalpers. The park is watching you – see that camera in the corner? We know who you are. Now that Osama Bin Dead, the FBI has resources to go after you.

     Starting next week the park will be posting updates to the “Cables Erection Plan.” Click <HERE>. You’ll be able to monitor the forecasted date for getting those steel ropes up and running. Carpe Diem! 

     My REI talks start up again on May 31 at Saratoga and June 1 at Corte Madera. See you there.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “We live with our heels as well as head and most of our pleasure comes in that way.” – John Muir

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


3 Responses to “Half Dome cables – be patient”

  1. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    PATIENCE IS ALWAYS A VIRTUE! I have patience. Yet, there were already too few permits to go around, so if my June 13ths are no good, I am not betting on getting 4 more for July. No snow at all falling on HD in Sept? Is that usual, or do you mean significant snowfall that accumulates and is a hazard?

  2. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    Guess a positive aspect of cables not being up, is everyone is able to go up the subdome and cable area for free 7 days a week. I may try if the subdome itself has been well- traveled by mid-June. There were crowds of people going up to the base of the cables mid-late May last year when the whole subdome was caked full of snow. The park kept the cables down to dissuade people going up SD. If the park really needed to get the poles out of the hiding spot and up now, they could easily. The probable result would probably be people getting injured or dying later by falling on SD, though.

  3. Maureen Lahiff Says:

    Unless you’re experienced, I wouldn’t risk it if there’s snow cover on subdome and the cables are down.

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