Dateline: Juneau, Alaska

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     Today I was in the state capital. Could not see Russia. I did a 5-hour RT hike up to the top of Mt Roberts. If you have not been here, it’s the mountain that has the tram from the downtown all the way up. It is at 1800 feet. The trail to the top was well marked – with bear warning signs. None seen. I had my poles so the wet slippery areas were no problem. At 1400 feet I hit snow the rest of the way. I only saw about 9 people all day and many had tennis shoes on. Slip sliding away. The tram area at top is a nice modern gift shop and restaurant. Folks pay $27 for the round trip ride. There is also a small Raptor center there with a bald eagle that is blind in the left eye.

     On the way back down, I came upon 2 hard core – no, VERY hard core mountain bikers who were doing the trail. This trail had huge roots across it and it was not an easy ride. They were walking at the time. Tomorrow is Skagway. A very neat restored town. It is near the famous Chilcoot Trail. That’s the one that miners who were heading to the Klondike near the end of the 19th Century used to get to Canada. They had to bring enough provisions to last 5 months before the Mounties would let them in. It’s great story. Today you can hike the 26 miles. I’m thinking about it.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Houston we have a problem.”- Apollo 13

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4 Responses to “Dateline: Juneau, Alaska”

  1. Sönke Says:

    The Chilkoot Trail always triggered my imagination. Fascinating story. Please be careful if you give it a try. I always thought it’s longer than 26 mls?!

  2. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    Look out for those Alaskan Pizzley Bears…

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