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Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

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     Half Dome is the common person’s Mt. Everest. OK, so 29,000 feet it isn’t, but most mortals find getting to the top Half Dome is just as major a feat.  We are now in the “climbing season” at Everest”– and we are getting close the same at 8,842 ft Half Dome. I find it fun to admire the Everest climbers, despite the fact that they will permanently loose brain cells by going that high. Oh well, a billion here a billion there. I have a buddy who wants us to trek to Base Camp. We shall see.

      Everest if only climbable in May each year. There is a pause in the extreme weather then. Lately it seems more “rank amateurs” are paying 60 grand to be hauled up to the top. Many die trying. There are many interesting parties who will attempt it this year.  

     * Brit Squash Falconer, who aims to become the first woman in the  world to solo pilot a paraglider from the top of Everest.

     * Mark Quinn of Ireland, trying to be the youngest Everest climber.

     * American Stephen Wilson USA, will be go up solo.

     * Aussie Gavin Vickers and Brit Alex Holt plan to climb without  supplemental oxygen.

     * Brazilian Rodrigo Raineri will try to hang-glide down Everest in less than 24 hours and without bottled oxygen.

     * An International climbing team will bring down old garbage and try out alternative energy sources.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I want to take you higher.” – Sly and the Family Stone

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


4 Responses to “Our Mt Everest”

  1. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    Perhaps those ambitious Chinese will make it cheap and easy to summit Everest. They already built a road all the way to the base of Everest on “their” side. Perhaps they will build a tram to the top. Helicopters cannot fly much beyond the base elevation of Everest. However, aviation technology will soon progress to the point where placing people anywhere on Earth will be child”s play. Star Trek style “TRANSPORTER” technology will probably also really exist someday. Who in the 1960’s would have believed we’d have smartphones and IPads now? So, Rick, you could just have “Scotty” “Beam” you to the summit. Yes, nothing ventured, nothing gained, but you would keep all your brain cells, and fingers, and toes. I will never hike a tall, cold summit, as “I need all my fingers for playing the piano!”

  2. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    Isn’t Mt Washington the common man’s Everest?

  3. Al Laurente Says:

    Marc Quinn is planning to be the youngest IRISH person to climb Everest at the age of 26 … he better do it this year because it could be broken next year.

  4. Sönke Says:

    According to everestnews.com squash falconer and two other team members have summited on may 12. no word though if she attempted that paragliders stunt.

    personally I find these first this, youngest that things TOTALLY idiotic. TOTALLY. mt. everest is one of the most trashed places on earth (and one of the most fragile places too) and people should have other concerns than paragliding from it’s top. instead ruthless idiots continue to spread their trash on mt. everest.

    in my humble opinion there are only two noteworthy everest-achievements: sir edmund hillary’s and sardar tenzing norgay’s first summit (we never know if mallory has been on top before) and reinhold messner’s first summit without oxygen.

    3 reported dead so far in the 2011 season.

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