No Half Dome permit? An alternative

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 Today we feature a guest blog from Scott Gehrman. He is the Executive Director of a non-profit guide service that may provide an alternative.

     Having trouble getting a Half Dome permit? Ever consider a guide service? Lasting Adventures, Inc. is a non-profit guide service which has been guiding in Yosemite for over 15 years! We have successfully taken thousands of clients to the top of Half Dome over 75 times! We do it at a competitive yet economical price with all proceeds going back to our youth scholarship fund. We have various days still available: May 27, 30, 31; June 2, 8, 9, 13; July 4; and many in August. We are filling up but do have slots available if you are interested.  On selected dates we even have Mr. Half Dome as a guest! Our motto is “Developing Skills, Attitudes, and Memories to Last a lifetime!”

     Our Yosemite permitted guides take care of all safety concerns with a first aid kit, CPR and Wilderness First Aid training. We also bring water filter pumps to ensure you stay hydrated. We’ve done the trail so much we can get you to the top – conditions prevailing. We can’t control the weather and if the cables are not up we will take you on another fantastic all day hike. We promise a fun-filled experience.

    Some people have more time and want to do Half Dome in more than one day. We can plan a fully outfitted backpacking trip from 2-6 days in length on almost any dates which can include other summits, high alpine lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and memories to last a lifetime. Many people know Half Dome as it is THE Yosemite icon, but there are miles of wilderness and beauty that you cannot see from the valley floor. We can take you there for low non-profit rates while taking care of the hassles for you. Contact us for your small or large group backpacking adventure now! Go to to see our website for all the details.


Sept 2010 guided hike

Unrelated thought worth quoting: The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk.” – Jacqueline Schiff

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


13 Responses to “No Half Dome permit? An alternative”

  1. Charles Barnard Says:

    The Guide service sounds like a good thing for some, but aren’t they getting their Half Dome permits at the same time when everyone else is trying to get theirs? They are in competition with the rest of us? Thanks!

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Yes, Guide services have to compete like everyone else for permits. There is no special privilege for them. It is their livelihood and while it sounds to you think they are “taking” permits from people … they are actually getting permits to take people on hikes. Guide services operate year-round and the Half Dome hike is seasonal. But they are not limited to a specific day like you may be. So they can try to get permits for odd days as well as Saturdays. Also, I noticed that many people give up after 5 -10 minutes. What I saw was that many permits came free after the 14-minute grace period to purchase them. So I got permits as late as 30 minutes after 7. I’d imagine that Guide services also know this little trick and keep at it. The analogy is like ticket services for Celine Dion tickets– how do they get them??? By buying fast and trading. The park does not allow the sale of permits and so some folks are trading dates.
      Good luck on June 1 for your September permits. After Labor Day is a great time – low crowds, great weather and good sunlight ‘til after 7.

  2. Charles Barnard Says:

    Thanks Rick for making this more clear. They are providing a service and have no special Privileges when it comes to permits.

  3. amy freeland Says:

    they are buying and reselling permits. prohibited by the NPS

  4. Kevin Power Says:

    Hello, I need two permits for August 27th, mine were for June 11th and the cables were not up yet…..

  5. Tod Says:

    Help! does anyone know of 2 Half Dome passes for August 26, 27th or 28th?

  6. stephanie Says:

    Help! i need 2 permits for half dome on any of the following days: aug10,11,12

  7. meg Says:

    Does anyone have any extra permits for July 20?

  8. Pat Says:

    Help! i need 4 permits for either August 13th or August 14th!!

  9. Kurt Says:

    Please help. I am looking for 3 permits for Sunday 28 August.

  10. Amanda Says:

    I have two permits on Monday, August 29 that I’d like to trade for one on Sunday, August 28.

  11. John Says:

    I have 3 permit for Oct. 4 2011. Will like to trade for Sep 11. half dome permit.

  12. Bob Marra Says:

    I have a permit for two on Tues, Sept. 20 that I can give to someone. Bob.

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