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      As you are doing your Half Dome planning, if you don’t know it, the park admission is $20 a car. Consider getting an America The Beautiful Pass. This card is good for one year and costs $80. I prefer this to the $20 one-shot each time fee to get into Yosemite.  You and other people in your car can get into any USDA FS, NPS, USFWS, BLM and Reclamation facility nationwide. Not a bad deal if you plan to get off the couch this year.  You’ll need a photo ID so you really can’t lend it out. Buy them at the gate or on-line <HERE>.

     An even better deal: if you are a geezer 62 or older, you can get a lifetime pass for $10.  Hmmmm, do they think 62 is a safe bet with our life expectancy? A real deal from your US Government. Jump on it before it goes away. Budgets you know.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Running Bear loved Little White Dove. With a love big as the sky. Running Bear loved Little White Dove, with a love that couldn’t die.” – Johnny Preston 

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


11 Responses to “America The Beautiful Pass”

  1. Maureen Lahiff Says:


    it looks like the $10 lifetime pass is only for National Parks, not any other sites administered by the Park Service, such as our lovely Muir Woods National Monument or the Golden Gate National Recreation Area places like Point Reyes, or any of the National Historic Sites.

    do you know if this is correct?

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Really? I thought they were clones. Any geezers out there know the story??

      • Roberto Hernandez Says:

        All I know is you can lend the America the Beautiful pass to one other person. The card is good for two and has places for two signatures.

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        Where did you read that???? I have to show MY ID every time. Good only for me. Mine has one signature line.

      • Sönke Says:

        There are two signature lines on the Annual Pass:

        Passholder Two (Optional)

        It’s a common procedure here in Europe to “re-sell” your Annual Pass on Ebay when you’ve returned from your US vacation. Frankly I don’t like that because I think the Annual Pass offers a tremendous value and therefore I wouldn’t mind if it’s a limited to one family.

      • Sönke Says:

        Here’s a picture (signature/pass no. edited):

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        MIne looks nothing like that…. just one line…not at home now, so cannot scan.

  2. Maureen Lahiff Says:

    Rick, it looks like you are correct. the 62+ for US citizens and residents does seem to be good for all federal fee areas.

    It is an “interagency” pass.

    I know I read it wrong somewhere recently, but the sources check it out.

    it lets in everyone in a non-commercial vehicle when the fee is per car,
    or the pass holder and 3 adults at per-person fee areas. kids under 16 free!

  3. Maureen Lahiff Says:

    for those whose are dedicated to a single park, most of them have annual passes.

    Yosemite’s good-for-12-months pass is currently $40 — 2 trips!

    also, for those who aren’t familiar with how the park fees work, if you pay $20 for a single visit, your receipt is good for a week.

    so if you are staying outside the park, or go to Hetch Hetchy or down to Mono Lake, you get back in by showing receipt.

  4. Maureen Lahiff Says:


    I think it’s the case that one of the differences between the age 62+ pass and the America the Beautiful pass is that the age 62+ does not allow for 2 signatures, while the younger adult one does.

    I’m still on the America the Beautiful, and they definitely have 2 signature lines.

    for $10 lifetime, it seems that having you and Mrs. Dome have to get individual “senior” passes is still a great deal!

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