Merced River Plan – User Capacity Minutes

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     Friday I attended the subject meeting via webinar. It was a marathon all-day session. About 60 citizens attended in person at the park and 15 on line. Many NPS were also there. There was a parade of “experts” who mostly laid out the protocol for the processes they will use to determine alternatives. Not a whole lot of beef – just how they planned to do the research. The phone connection did not work yet again and I had to leave the command post, so I do not have info from the afternoon sessions. They broke the in-house group up into smaller work groups that were given time to come up with their analysis of User Capacity.  

    The NPS planners (meaning consultants)  are going to determine what amount of use the Merced corridor can tolerate but not impact the Outstandingly Remarkable Values. Read the past few blogs to get up to speed on ORVs.  They are using previous studies at Grand Canyon and other parks to guide their methodology. The Wild and Scenic River is a ¼ band beyond theriver banks,, but because the Valley (wall to wall) affects things – that is the scope.

     There are many open issues. Will the gates close when XXXX cars pass through? That should relieve impacts. If so, what if the people in those cars all stream up the Mist Trail and cause heavy impact  there? What has priority?  Standards need to be developed in advance against which behavior can be measured. So, if 2 ORVs are impacted by different level of people, then the lower number will be the line.

    In the preso about Standards and Water Quality, it was said that the park water quality (an ORV) is “excellent.” And that 235 “e-coli” per 100 ml of river water was acceptable. Huh??  Ever hear of Girardia and Cryptosporidium?  TREAT your excellent water.  My question about this was answered with a mumble to send me to a forthcoming report. Click <HERE> to see the slides from Friday.   

     In other news, a National Park Ranger will be stationed in Groveland this season. He will be posted at the neat coffee shop/nursery Mountain Sage. Visitors a can buy gate passes in advance and then use the express lane to enter the park. He/shw willalso anser questions to save you time. And have a SMOOOOOTHIE there. Tell themRangerRick sent you – they sell my book there. Must be a nice place.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “White collared conservative flashing down the street, pointing their plastic finger at me. They’re hoping soon my kind will drop and die,but I’m gonna wave my freak flag high, high. Wave on, wave on.” – If 6 were 9; Jimi Hendrix Experience

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