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    Funny, whenever I put Alex Honnold’s name in my blog I get a ton of hits. So Alex Honnold, Alex Honnold , Alex Honnold. We just talked about his appearance in OUTSIDE magazine. Must be a lot of fans following him and googling  his name. I hope you are not getting tired of him – he’s a unique guy. For newbies, his major claim to fame is his under 3-hour FREE SOLO up the Face of Half Dome in 2008.

    Now the May issue of National Geographic magazine features him on the cover. They have an in-depth story about Yosemite climbers. He is on the cover!! Big time.

 See Red shirt on ledge


     I have a question: In the Banff Film festival DVD – Alex is shown going up HD win a work shirt. He is photographed standing on the same ledge of Half Dome …. If you look at the cover, he is wearing different clothes. Hmm is this a posed shot? Was he lowered down for the photo?  Enquiring minds want to know.

  Green/white shirt on same ledge

     In the same issue, they show 4 men BASE jumping off Half Dome. Illegal. Hmmm when one goes BOINK into the face the game will be really over.


                                               Catch us if you can

    FYI – for you weather channel fans, I was contacted by NBC/Universal. They actually film the segments shown on the Weather Channel. They wanted me to escort a crew around Mirror Lake for reflective shots of Half Dome this week. I don’t understand why – what’s the connection to the weather? Well, I was committed to giving 2 talks this week, so I turned it down. Aarrgghh. My path to fame and fortune gone!  I hope more than 8 show up at REI Stockton tonight and Sports Basement Sunnyvale Wed night.  If you watch the Weather Channel holler if you see the Yosemite feature. I’ll ask them when it will air and let you  know. I honor commitments. Sigh

Unrelated thought worth quoting: Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.” – Wallace Stevens

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


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