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     Today let’s see what may interest us in Kolarbyn, Sweden. How about this forest lodge with 12 bare-bones huts. Located two hours outside of Stockholm near the shores of misty Lake Skärsjön, you can rent a, well, a TREE. (Go, Stanford!)

     They come with two hard platforms for beds that are covered in sheepskin rugs. For heat you get a wood-burning fireplace. No electricity so you’ll read your John Muir book by candle light. Oh and no plumbing – take a bath in the  nearby stream.  It’s not all roughing it. There  is a sauna in the middle of the lake. Chop some wood and bring it to 104F. Book now. Click <HERE>. On anyone’s bucket list?

You can now view a replay of the webinar of the Merced River Plan (MRP) Hydrology, Biology, Geology Workshop held on Friday, April 22.   Click <HERE>.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “No temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite… The grandest of all special temples of Nature.” – John Muir

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