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I attended the Yosemite Merced River Plan Workshop via webinar today. The WeBEX technology was generally good. My wifi connection to my home DSL was a little jerky on the video but audio was OK. I was disappointed that my phone connection never happened. I got logged in OK but the audio never came over the phone. I was therefore tethered to my desk as I participated. The host was a man named Jana McCabe. I believe he is a facilitating consultant.  He did a good job moving things along and asking internet participants for input.  I have no idea how many we on-line. My ID # was 155 but I think it was far less than that. I chimed in with a couple questions and said how much we apprecated the webinar format. There was no mention of a replay. 2 Hours live was enough.

This is important because the whole character of the Valley may change dramatically from wall to wall. Superintendent Don Neubacher gave a brief introduction and then Planning Manager, Kathleen Morse, gave an overview of the program and milestones. The whole program got kicked off in January 2010. By fall of 2012 they hope to have workshops on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.  More info for your reading pleasure is found <HERE>.

Greg Stock the Park Geologist gave a general overview of the main Outstandingly Remarkable Value elements. They are Hydraulic, Biologic and Geologic.

Sue Beatty is the Park Restoration Ecologist and she gave a history of the Merced use and management over the years. There was significant widening of the river as the banks eroded. Conifer trees totally overran smaller ones. The Sentinel Hotel used to dump raw untreated sewage into the river and that’s why all the campgrounds were located upstream!

Jim Roche is the Park Hydrologist talked about the effects of large wood in the river causing dams. He said there are 2 aquifers in the Valley. The deepest is about 2,000 feet underground and provides water to the park. I didn’t know that.

Lisa Acree is a Botany Program Manager who talked about the spread of trees over the years. Galen Clark in 1884 said there was 75% less open land than in 1855.

If you attended, what did you think? The next one is the 26th – Transportation. Could affect how cars and parking are dealt with.

Unrelated thought worth quoting:Walking isn’t a lost art – one must, by some means, get to the garage.” – Evan Esar

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2 Responses to “MRP Workshop Recap”

  1. Mark Szkil Says:

    FYI, Jana McCabe is the webinar host coodinator and is female. Her full name is Jana Friesen McCabe. I believe the facilitator is from a company called “Grove”. His name is Jim Oswald.

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Good catch. The introductions were hard to hear on the webinar. Were you there??

      Jim did a good job moving things along and including everyone.


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