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     Monday I attended Scot Miller’s presentation at my local Recreation Equipment Inc. (REI). He provided the photos for the newest version of the John Muir “My first summer in the Sierra.”  I own 2 copies of the previous reprints of the book and they are different versions but both are printed on pulp stock. The new book is glossy and way easier to read. It’s a hardback. 

Scot Miller at REI

     Miller’s talk is worth going to. He gives a lot of insight into the making of the book.   An odd thing about Muir’s book. It was written by Muir in 1911 – 30 years after his actual 2nd year in the Sierra. He arrived in 1868 – but really went high up in 1869. I blogged a few days ago about the book, so go back to get the details. Scot is a Dallas man and also does a lot of HD video. He showed a few segments that he did at the park and in Maine. Maine is seeking to get part of the large forests there made a National Park. Good stuff. He also tosses in a few visual surprises, so I suggest you look up the REI calendar to attend his show near you.

Signatures are free

   Scot will be at the UoP in Stockton for their John Muir Legacy program on April 13 at the Janet Leigh Theater FREE. Go to <HERE> for more info. They will be screening the new PBS John Muir film that airs next Monday. University of the Pacific holds about 70% of Muir’s original writings.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

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  1. Kelly Says:

    Scot Miller will be at REI Sacramento this Wednesday 4/20. There are still plenty of seats available.

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