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     The Yosemite Gazette is a quarterly put out of Groveland – the Highway 120 western gateway to Yosemite. 10,000 copies are distributed free to outfitters, coffee shops and elephant trainers in the greater Yosemite – Tahoe Area. I write articles for them. I also get a stack and try to distribute them at Bay Area REI’s and neat places. The latest issue is now out. Look for it under rocks in your town. They also do a nice website version. Click <HERE> You can subscribe to help things out. The issues are chock-full of neat history and useful info about the park. My story this time is about the utility of trekking poles on hikes.   If you’d like the hard copy, send me a note and I can mail you one for the cost of the stamps.  My next story will be an expanded article on AC Pillsbury – the early park photographer that I blogged about recently. Look for that tissue in July.

     A “shout out” to all who turned out for our hike up Mission Peak in Fremont today. The viz was down so we could not even see Mt Diablo. And it was chilly-willy up top at 2500 feet.  Later at lunch at the Ohlone Deli I responded to a call of “Hey, Mr. Half Dome” and met 3 nice ladies who are in training for HD this summer. Today was the last day of the REI 20% off sale. The line at REI Fremont was huge. I got a pair of KEEN water shoes a few days ago.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Knowledge is good.” – Faber College 1962 – Animal House

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch www.HikeHalfDome.com


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