All Half Dome permits for July have been given out. They were gone in mere minutes.  People are now offering to trade. 

To request, trade or give permits, Click HERE.

** Put your contact info on the request. **





Unrelated thought worth quoting: “ Try again May 1 for August.”  – A wise old man         

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com





One Response to “BULLETIN”

  1. Al Laurente Says:

    They were gone in 3 minutes. I noticed that some people were able to start ordering at 6:58. The number of tickets available on some days were showing 10 to 20 less. Is this like Wall Street where some insiders get to purchase minutes or seconds ahead of the mob?

    Luckily, I got 4 for July 18. I need one more for another friend. I could not get 5 tickets the first two minutes so I panicked and reduced it to 4. If anyone would be kind to spare, please email me. NPS should be on the lookout for people selling their permits online for $100 each. Even better is to just make all 300 permits per day a lottery 3 months in advance.

    Al Laurente

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