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     The elves have just returned and the news is good for California’s water supply. Gov Moonbeam just rescinded the DROUGHT order. Why? 160% of normal white fluffy stuff in the Sierra. Last week’s blizzards really pushed us up. Many reservoirs are letting water out lest they stress the dam structures.  Gosh.  The snowpack has not been this deep since 1995. Even the Great Flood year of 1997 was not this bad. (The flood was on January 2)

   So for those of us that have Half Dome permits for late May/early June, I’d plan on another hike. It will be a miracle if the trial crew can even  get up to HD to install the system.  I am up on May 27 and I think a good Plan B is Yosemite Falls. The snow should be off the trail by then and the water will be exploding off the cliff. You can stand right next to the fire hose and watch it shoot out a long way before it arches down. Yeah, that’s the ticket – Yosemite Falls. If you are at thepark them give me a shout and join the hike. Of course, I am always hopeful of a “Cables are up.” announcement.  Click to enlarge.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “If you want me to do something … tell me I can’t do it.” – Maya Angelou

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3 Responses to “Snowpack measured”

  1. michael Says:

    Is there any where we can check snow pack measurements online to track if the pack is melting down?

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      No. The crews go up at fixed times to fixed locations to do historic measurements. That provides a good reference at a given long/lat. With temps in the 60’s it’ll be burning down. The best idea is to mointor the webcams. Weak fidelity, but it is an indication. I have a link to them on my website,

      The trail crew will get the cables up as soon as it is safe for them to get up there and the target is still May 27. You’ll hear it first here.

  2. Maureen Lahiff Says:

    on the park website, under Current Conditions, there’s a link to the stream flow on the Merced River at 2 points in the Valley. I usually look at Happy Isles, near the John Muir Trailhead.

    You can see that, in the last week, the flow has been pretty much right around the median.

    This is a very indirect way to look at the melt, but in the weeks ahead, there may be times when the flow is way above median if we get a quick melt out.

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