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     I will not be able to use a Curry Village tent cabin reservation June 15 and 16. It’s a 4-person non-heated. It goes for $139 per night. If I call it in to cancel, it will be put back into the pool. I know rooms in June are pretty much gone, so I want to offer it first to loyal Blog Readers. If you want it, send me an email to What I can do is get us in a 3-way call to the DNC reservation office and we can swap credit card numbers with them. That’s the only way to ensure you will get the tent cabin.  Sorry, no Half Dome permits but a place to stay is half the battle.

     Last year, one of my relatives wanted to hike Half Dome. He assured me he was in great shape. I told him to hike hills. He replied that being in a Central CA Valley town, there were no hills, but not to worry since he walks his dog every night for 1.5 miles. Huh?  Well, the trip was a comedy and he later admitted he did not train hard enough. But now a new report comes out saying that dog owners are in much better shape than those sans doggie. That mile or so daily jaunt not only helps the pooch but the owner as well. My 5-pound dynamo, “Yosey” (as in Yosemite) is like the Eveready bunny – he never gets enough.


     For you high-end readers with a big piggy bank to cover the $460 per night Ahwahnee Hotel digs, you are hereby informed that the Hotel has completed its renovations that had it closed for 3 weeks. Work included:  fire detection alarms and suppression systems, new flooring in the kitchen, upgrades to energy efficient appliances, completely redesigned public restrooms, staining of the wood in the guest registration area, and a refurbishment of the wood flooring in the Great Lounge. Additionally, areas were repainted, historical artifacts were refurbished, and restoration work was completed on historical furniture. Also guest rooms got new bed covers, new window treatments, many new beds, and upgrades to some of the guest rooms. Exterior work included a completely new guest walkway to the hotel lobby.  I’ve stayed there twice. Once with Mrs. Dome and once on a hiking trip. The latter was when we planned too late to get a Curry slot. It was only $300 a night then.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “A shout out to Larry – a Dome Vet who dropped in on my REI talk last night.”

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


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