Ain’t got no permit?

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

To get or give permits, Click HERE.

** Put your contact info on the request. **

     We’ve been getting a lot of requests for permits on the blog. With only 300 permits in the pool for hikers and 100 a day for backpackers , the odds were pretty low for most folks. Permits are needed every day it works out to something like 60,000 possible hikes during the season. So you can see why they went fast for May and June. For many of you this is your first attempt up Half Dome. For some it’s a check off on your “bucket list.” For still others it’s an annual rite of passage. There is an old adage – “Play the cards you’re dealt.” So let’s deal with it. Keep trying to get them here and keep pulsing the website. Miracles do happen. You never know if someone will turn in permits directly. 

     I’d say if you are planning the trip – come anyway. Keep trying every day Once you arrive, get internet access and hit at one of the Internet kiosks in Degnan’s Deli or use your laptop. Access is free at Curry Village, Yosemite Lodge and the Ahwahnee (if you are staying there). If all else fails make a sign for your backpack “NEED HD PERMIT.” And see what happens. I’d go all the way up to Sub Dome anyway and enjoy the view from there. Just doing that is a monster hike as well. There’s no reason to not come. We still have several more months of permit getting so keep at it.

     FYI – The Park has an active program to stop the auction site extortion for HD tickets. $175 is totally a rip off. My bet is that land sharks who can’t hike a mile bought them and see a revenue opportunity. Just like Al Capone.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: Do not look to the ground for your next step; greatness lies with those who look to the horizon.”  –  Norwegian Proverb 

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


2 Responses to “Ain’t got no permit?”

  1. Roberto Hernandez Says:

    Just curious, how could someone ne stopped from giving away a “Free permit” as part of a package purchase. For example, I paint an original oil canvas photograph of Yosemite. I put this up for sale on EBay, and say as an added consolation I will give a free permit. It would be difficult in my mind to control that sale…

    • mrhalfdome Says:


      That’s called scalping. Done at Football games all the time. How about a pack of gum for $20 and I throw in a HD permit? i guess it’s the park’s permit and they can govern rules of use. They could argue you are overtly skirting the rules and confiscate all the tickets. I dunno…I’m not Perry Mason (old time TV lawyer for the kids reading).

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