Duck and Cover

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
     I hate to regurgitate weather reports for Yosemite, but this one you need to hear. All the fine summer heat we have been having is heading outta here and a nor’easter is coming in. There is a Winter Storm Watch for the Sierra Nevada from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon. Several inches of snow and strong gusty winds are expected on Monday afternoon.  A stronger storm is expected Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday. Eight to sixteen inches of snow is expected from 4000 through 5000 feet. One to three feet of snow is possible above 7000 feet.  Winds of twenty to thirty mph are expected with some gusts reaching in excess of sixty mph.  Cold and unsettled weather is expected for the rest of the week. Chains!!!!

     With that cheery news (better waterfalls soon),I want to invite yall to my Facebook page. After weeks “no comprende” I  was able to get my brand name on the Facebook page. So guys and gals, you are invited to come to You’ll see my mug there, so log  in and do a LIKE or whatever the process is. Oh Boy, I’m now into social networking.    

     This is the week I share my 4,325 tips for getting a Half Dome permit. I’ll shoot for Wednesday night but I’m teaching some Adult Ed classes this week. See my EVENTS on the Facebook Page. You may want to attend. Neat – it works!  Tell all your buddies to tune into Radio Free Mr HD Blog for my epistle.  You want to be prepared for March 1, 7 am.  Be sure to have your Orphan Annie Decoder Ring at the ready!  Set to  G-9.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Down on me, down on me. Looks like everybody in this whole round world – They’re down on me.” – Janis Joplin
*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


3 Responses to “Duck and Cover”

  1. Echo Davenport Says:

    Hi Rick,

    I thought you and your readers would want to know that the Half Dome Trail Stewardship Plan Public Scoping Summary is now posted on the park website:
    Happy reading and the best of luck to all of you trying to secure permits next week.
    Take care!


    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Echo is with the group working on the Half Dome Stewardship Plan.

      I REALLY appreciate you sending this link. Our readers are die-hard Half Dome fans and like to be informed!

      Muchos Gracias!

  2. Dean Says:

    An interesting read, some great ideas.

    My main concern is comment 152168, page 19. The writer appears to me to care more about “the law”, some words on a bit of paper, than the conservation of Half Dome and the surrounding wilderness.

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