FREE Yosemite admission for a year!

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

     I have found you a way to get into Yosemite and any National Park 365 days a year and not spend a penny to get in. Too good to be true? Listen to this. There is slight hitch. You need to buy something. But only one time. It’ll be a minor expenditure for most of you. Just purchase a Jeep from a dealer offering the Xplore Adventure Series package.

     The Xplore Adventure Series a number of different vehicle customization options that encourage off-road exploration. For each vehicle sold, the company makes a donation to the National Parks Foundation and gives the owner a free one-year pass to all 392 National Parks.

     Stage One’s are all Jeep Wranglers while Stage Two Jeep models vary but add special wheels and tires, Bilstein shocks and a Magnaflow exhaust. Stage Three is for serious outdoor fun, with features like a winch, a snorkel, rock-rails, a refrigerator, a compressor and a rooftop pop-up tent. If you’re looking to get lost in style, Stage Four offers built-to-order FJ Cruisers and Wranglers with custom wheels and paint in addition to expedition-grade options.  For Yosemite “Keep off the meadows” driving, there are also Xplore packages available for most cars and trucks that offer custom Xplore-branded leather upholstery, floor mats and badging — plus the visitor pass and discounts on outdoor gear. To place your deposit on the beast and lern more click <HERE>.

      Head’s up: Next week I’ll blog with my tips for snagging your permits for Half Dome on March 1. You can get your permits for May and June then.  Any day of the week. With all the snowpack, the cables may not go up until into June – the trial crew will decide. I would not recommend an early date. Get your group pumped up and decide on a couple alternative dates. There will be about 60,000 available dates to go up the Big Kahuna this summer – tune in to make sure you get to go. A goal – A journey.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Here speaks the voice of God, and here his power is seen. Let man be dumb.” – Reverend W.P. Abbott, New York City, 1881

MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


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