Yosemite Preparation

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing


     This is the time of year to begin your Half Dome preparation. I KNOW some readers are Euros and Eastern USA residents who are digging out from endless snows. Dang – Where is Global Warming when you really need it??? I was out today in 65 degree California sunshine with a few of my Hiking 101 students. We did a great hike up the Los Gatos Creek trail. We stopped at Lexington Reservoir to practice water filtration. To my surprise and shock, my brand new Katadyn Hiker Pro was mis-wired at the factory. They had the quick disconnect outlet hose attached to the inlet plug and the pre-filter attached to the outlet. So when I was pumping I was just blowing bubbles. Blew me away. I played with it at home later and confirmed it had been assembled backwards at the factory. I’ll tell them.  I also brought along a Katadyn Vario pump. It’s a tad more expensive because it attaches directly to your Nalgene bottle and pumps with a lever action on both strikes.  It worked perfectly.

Stan running the pump

    We also had a good session on hiking pole basics. I have a few extra Leki’s and we got them clicking along. The hike has some nice uphills and down to practice on. We go out for 3 lab sessions. Next Sunday we will go up to the summit of St. Joseph’s Hill. It was a vineyard for sacramental wines in the olden days. The religious Novitiate winery was there and is now and the property is now called Testarosa. From the top you can see Steve Wozniak’s (Apple founder) house. You can see the Moffett Field blimp hangers and if it’s real clear you can make out the smaller cities of Oakland and San Francisco – 50 miles away.


     Not everyone plans to do Half Dome but the program is a good orientation for novice hikers as well. I might set up sessions in March or April. Trailsloggers of Campbell is our host outfitter and is giving 20% off for the duration. Let me know if you are interested.

   Seems the Yosemite Nature Notes video of “Frazil Ice” is making the rounds. At least 8 people have sent me the You Tube.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The road to Yo Semite, like the way of life, is narrow and difficult, but the end, like the end of a well-spent life, is glorious beyond the highest anticipation” – James Vick  Rochester, NY, 1879 <<R.I.P.Jack Lalane>>

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


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