Yosemite Lodge winter special

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You say you want a bargain price while staying at Yosemite this winter, Bunky? You really want to see the snow covered meadows? You want to try and photograph the glowing Horsetail Fall in February? Is that what’s got you down, Bunky??

     The park just announced some door busting room rates. From now thru March 9th you can get a Yosemite Lodge at the Falls room for $89 mid-week.  Between March 13-24, the rate is $159, which is still way lower than their in-season rate. This deal is for one mid-week night’s lodging for two and a full breakfast for two at the Food Court. Give them a call at 801-559-5029 and recite this code: YLPREFGST  when they ask. Do you feel better now, Bunky?


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Bad decisions make good stories.” – A wise old man


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4 Responses to “Yosemite Lodge winter special”

  1. John Says:

    I reckon it will be nasty cold. I am still upset about not finding the $39 curry tent prices for May like last year.

  2. Sönke Says:

    I have a reservation for the Yosemite Lodge for July 2, 2011. Lodge Room, King Bed. I’m looking for a Lodge Room, 2 Doubles. Anyone interested in swapping the rooms?!

  3. Maureen Lahiff Says:

    Those looking for reasonably priced lodging in the Valley on the weekend should check out the tent cabins in Curry Village. (I believe they are only available Fri and Sat.)

    Since I’m a frequent visitor, I just got a “Yosemite Dispatch: from DNC, and they do indeed have the $39 unheated tent cabins and a $49 HEATED tent cabin. I’d go for the heated! The packages are more complicated than that; you pay $10 over the night’s lowest temp in degrees F; the prices I’ve quoted are the maxima. Call and ask for the Temp-RATE-Ture package for unheated or All U Can Heat Package for heated. So, yes, John, the deal you mentioned is still available.

    If you stay at Curry Village, you’ll probably be taking the shuttle bus over to the Lodge for food court, etc. The shuttle up to Badger Pass stops at Curry Village.

    Another option I personally recommend is the Yosemite Bug Hostel on route 140 in Midpines. Staying at the Bug involves a bit of driving; they’re about 20 miles from Arch Rock entrance to park. Their restaurant is fabulous, great value for the money. They serve 3 meals and make lunches to go. Beer on tap and wine, too! The cafe/lounge is a great place to hang in the evening. Also, they have spa and yoga if you’d like to soak those muscles at the end of the day.

    If you are springing for a stay at the Lodge at the Falls, ask about the Stay ‘N Play package. Ski or cross-country ski rental for a day (ask about snowshoe rental, I’ll be they do it), group lesson, ice skating session, Valley Floor Tour (in a bus, with stops) all for $35 per adult/$20 child.

    There’s a practically free ranger-led snowshoe at Glacier Point every day (or there was last year; check the guide online), something like $5 for shoes. A good way to try out snowshoeing as well as see and learn about Yosemite in the winter. DNC also has some 1/2 day showshoe walks with a naturalist. Yosemite Conservancy has a $$ naturalist led snowshoe walk from Badger Pass to Dewey Point, for the fantastic overlook of the Valley in winter.

    Yosemite in the winter is a delight. There will be other folks on your trek to Dewey Point and along Glacier Point Road, but if you have your own skis or snowshoes, the areas around Crane Flat are a lot less crowded. I totally like the trek to the Crane Flat fire lookout and down into the Tuolumne Grove, and the South Landing and Clark Range Overlook are short, mostly flat trails. You can also visit the Mariposa Grove if you hike/snowshoe, maybe ski 2 miles up the access road. Just to see the ice cone at the base of Upper Yosemite Falls is pretty cool, too.

    And it’s not nasty cold, often above freezing on a sunny afternoon around Badger Pass, even. In fact, snowshoers and cross-country skiers have trouble not overheating! Take that sunscreen, so that when you’re snowshoeing bare-headed and bare-handed, you don’t get burned with the sun reflecting off the snow. (I just came back from a fabulous Yellowstone Association Institute Winter in Wonderland, and THAT was nasty cold one or two days!)

    I like to take my “stabilicers” that slip over my boots when hiking to the foot of Vernal Falls (the train can be very icy) and for Mariposa Grove.

    Pete Devine from the Conservancy gives free talks at REI about Yosemite in winter; there’s one in Berkeley tonight, with 18 spots left!

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Excellent comments. I totally agree. The Bug is a great overnight as well as a lunch or dinner spot. They have FREE wifi also…and a PC if you don’t have a laptop. Pete gives a good talk…I heard him last year.

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