Merced River Plan “Foundational Elements”

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     On Dec 8, the park held a public presentation of the above named project. This is the Big Kahuna, the Grande Muchacho, the Primavera – it’s the plan that will set the course of the Valley and surrounding area for decades. It’s the result of a lawsuit and injunctions since the Great Flood of 1997. In a settlement the court told the Park to develop a new plan for how this Wild and Scenic River is treated as its 81 miles pass through Yosemite.  A key element is a User Capacity Plan. This means that measures must be taken to stop entrance to the valley once a threshold of human heads is reached. Don’t blow this off as another project that won’t  affect you. It will. i.e. transportation into the Valley affects the river – so it will be changed. Dunno how, but the Yosemite Planners are burning cycles to come up with a way to “Protect and enhance the River’s Outstandingly Remarkable Values.” To quote: the plan “Addresses user capacity, or the kinds and amounts of visitor use appropriate in the river corridor.”  Read the whole 42 page Foundational Elements presentation <HERE>. Good slides. Good job!


    A word of thanks to the Project Manager, Sabrina Stadler of NPS, for responding to my request for the slides that were used at the meeting. It was held at the park which makes it pretty hard for many to participate. The last slide really got me jazzed. The Alternatives will be presented “though a Series of Workshops in the Spring and early Summer. Via Webinar and Video Streaming.” Halleluiah!!  Finally, we can participate remotely. I have been lobbying for this for a couple years. More outreach can be done if they used 21st Century technology. Let’s get more of the 4 million visitors involved than just the 20 that can drive up 5 hours to Yosemite mid-week for a 3 hour meeting.



Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The distance is nothing. It is only the first step that is difficult.” – Marie de Vichy-Chamrond


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  1. Mr. Mirror Lake Says:

    Great quote! Very inspirational.

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