Black November

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing  

     With Christmas creeping upon us, we are all getting inundated with catalogs,  special offers and commercials (that were filmed in July) telling us of “stuff” we just cannot live without. Since I don’t put Google Ads on my site (WordPress does) I need to occasionally hang the cup out. I have a batch of “I made it to the top” Half Dome shirts that I am having a Christmas special on. Yeah, Black  November and December – whatever. Normally they sell for $19.99 (+ shipping and CA Tax if applicable). Effective now through Dec 15, I am lowering the price to $17.99 on my website and $15.99 to all blog readers. So if you want a shirt (or as a gift) for Christmas, jump on this. Go to my Website Store <HERE> and when you place your Paypal Order, (or check) mention Mr. Half Dome’s blog and I will honor the $15.99 price. This is a give-away deal. (You still have to pay the shipping and tax if you live in CA.) Gosh at that price you should get 2! If you haven’t yet done the hike – get one and stick it on your wall – motivation!

Click to enlarge


     I have shirts with and without Laffing Mr. Bones – but not in all sizes. Email me first so I can confirm style and size. NO shipments Dec 16 – Jan 5. (Another cruise.) Thanks and I’ll see you tomorrow with some real Yosemite Musings. I’m here when you need a lift.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Never Stop Exploring” – The North Face’s tag line.

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


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