Granite Oddities

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

 As I shashay around Yosemite I occasionally run into things that make me say “how did that get there?”  Take a look at this oddity.  I found it on top of North Dome. So did a giant crack split one day and another piece of wedge shaped rock just happen to be flying around and land in the cleft? Or did the locals smash the rock and jam in the wedge. This is scary.  I’ve got a couple more like this that I will present for your observation.


     Veterans Day is November 11 every year. One of the few holidays that didn’t jump to a Monday. Yes, I’m a veteran of the Cold War, serving my time so you could watch your color TV and dress up Barbie in peace. Yosemite will offer FREE admission that day – a week from Thursday. Head up and keep an eye out for Oprah. You never know. 

     Here’s an observation. We are still in baseball season with the Texas Ranchers and San Francisco G.I. Ants hard at it. And I read that Superbowl ads are completely sold out. What recession???  Only $3M for a 30 second ad. I guess I procrastinated too long so I will have to miss out on a TShirt commercial for this year. Dang. Mark your calendars for Feb 11 for the big game. 

     I’ll be in Vegas all next week but will blog from my Imperial Palace Room high above the Strip – if the bedbugs don’t carry me away. I don’t gamble a penny – it’s no gamble, you might as well empty your wallet at the door and get it over with. I’ve done some neat hiking in the mountains just west of the City of Sin, but will pass this trip. I’ll be attending SEMA, a HUGE aftermarket car event. Like Pep Boys times 3,000. The whole LV Convention Center is full of anything that a car/truck can use.

      The door is open for anyone who wants to do a Guest Blog. Just email me your melodious wit and I’ll post it.

 Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Oh, won’t you come with me and take my hand? Oh, won’t you come with me and walk this land? Please take my hand. In a gadda da vida, honey.” – Iron Butterfly

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


4 Responses to “Granite Oddities”

  1. Mr. Sub Dome Says:

    Shashay? I don’t think that word is allowed into the park.

  2. Dean Says:

    Granite Oddities?

    Here’s one…

    …to me it looks a bit like an ancient weather beaten statue…this is on the plateau area just before sub dome.

  3. john Says:

    I bet the boulder split naturally, someone then put the rock in between. There are probably old pics without the rock.

  4. john Says:

    Remember, though, poker has a lot of skill involved, and you play with otjet people, so if you are good, you can win over yhe short term, and long term. Try to play with people who are not very good.

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