Oprah Critique

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
     So, did yall play hookey today to watch Oprah at Yosemite today?  She went with “Gayle” her friend on the show. I’ll  let you comments on your opinions. For those that did not see it, they actually did camp at the Lower Pines Campground.  Gee, they were pretty lucky to get reservations (!)  They stayed in a camper and at the end of the show she gave it away. AND she gave away the truck that pulled it. She said Part 2 will be shown on Wednesday (not Monday as previously announced.) 4 pm PDT.

     Anyway, I’ll hand the keyboard over to you now. Do spell check and watch out for the CAPS LOCK key. Comments???
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country.  A fine landscape is like a piece of music; it must be taken at the right tempo.  Even a bicycle goes too fast.” – Paul Scott Mowrer
*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


9 Responses to “Oprah Critique”

  1. mrhalfdome Says:

    For Oprah Groupies there is huge coverage on TV30 ABC in Fresno.


  2. john Says:

    It appeared she served her Moscow lime drink with lots of vodka drink to a female minor. I think it is legal being het parents were there, but perhaps not smart. The day was cool, cloudy, and foggy, with lots of rain. The waterfalls are weak. She should have gone in May or June. Hopefully she goes up to glacier point. Think she walked to Grizzly Giant?

  3. Joyce Says:

    The show was fun to watch. Haven’t been since June, myself, so, it was nice to see the route I would take.

    She was invited there to show Black Americans they too can go to a national park. I thought, even though they had a camera crew it was also nice to show two women hauling a camper, setting it up, having a great time.

    I’ve also noticed the lack of Black Americans in the park. But, I also know a lot of people who haven’t been, who don’t have the resources to take any type of vacation. So, I haven’t thought of it as a racial thing.

    I loved to hear the music, ‘My Hometown’ and to see them sing it like they meant it. That’s how I feel when get into the gates. Her comments on Tunnel View, she got it. SHE commented on how it must look different during different weather/lighting.

    I hope she was able to go to Glacier Point, too. I do believe she did all of the walking around. The woman has run marathons.

    Thanks for the heads up about it being on! I really enjoyed it! Can’t wait for part two!

    My thought about the drinks: Like right she is getting her cups back. They are on someones’ bookshelf ‘Oprah brought ME a drink in this!!!’

    • john Says:

      Those cups looked like the really expensive titanium camping ones. Maybe 20-40

    • john Says:

      $20-40 per cup, I meant to say. Oh well, with all the shameless promoting of REI, they either got the camper and gear free or received huge sums of cash. They should have purchased from the great Moosejaw store in Chicago, as MM is way awesomer!

    • john Says:

      Remember, each drink was full of Oprah’s spit. She was chewing/biting nearly every lime to get more juice out. Everyone notice how black, smooth, and perfect highway 41 is? Nice of the park to completely redo it right before her visit!

  4. Pam McKay Says:

    Would loved to have had her as my neighbor for the “treats”, but as far as all the camera crews, not so much. I go to relax and get away from all of that! But ya gotta love Oprah!

  5. Laurie Mohning Says:

    Enjoyed that she showed the majesty of the park and that she is trying to get more people to see it. Of course that means more people to contend with in the park as well as competition for camp site reservations! If anybody can turn Americans on to our natural resources, it’s Oprah. The camera shots, particularly the aerial shots showed the park at it’s finest. She mentioned something about Half Dome but I can’t imagine they did any real hiking. They probably got to the Mist Trail and turned around. BTW – did you notice that the park ranger talked about Bridal Veil Fall (no “s”)??

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Johnson said it best…he sees more Africans at Yosemite than African-Americans!!! Stereotypically, some races just don’t seem to be doing certain activities…scuba, swimming, skiing and hiking.

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