Yosemite Conservancy’s new website

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

After months of anticipation the Yosemite Conservancy has rolled out their new website. If you had read the Yosemite Association site you know how out of date it became. Dead links, old stories and non-existent press releases. The new YC pages are a big improvement. You can find it <HERE>.

It has a lot of goo info, but I have already informed them that their DAY HIKES section erroneously called them Bridalveil and Vernal FALLS – as in plural. Here we go again. You’d think the senior folks at YC would understand the nuance that we discussed a week ago.  Beyond that catch I’m very pleased and will bookmark the site.

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*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com

5 Responses to “Yosemite Conservancy’s new website”

  1. john Says:

    404 missing!

  2. mrhalfdome Says:

    Fixed. Thank you.

  3. Sönke Says:

    YC no longer takes international memberships or donations from international visitors. I already wrote them a couple of times about it in the last couple of months. No response. My YA will expire sometime early 2011. That’s it then I guess…

    Very disappointing. 😦

  4. Mr. Sub Dome Says:

    I heard they fixed the trailhead sign at mist trail after 40 years…correcting the three misspelled “FALLS” to the singular, correct spelling. I’m sure the park service was motivated by your ongoing corrections. Good work. Now to get them to rename Liberty Cap to Deutsch Dome and you’re golden.

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