Hotel Charlotte

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
Now that the crummy weather has arrived, please don’t get cabin fever. Keep getting your 30-60 minutes of strenuous exercise 3-5 days a week. If you want to go local hiking with me on a weekday, let me know. Just because the cables are down, don’t pack up your boots and poles. Keep the energy up! There is a lot to see in the Sierra foothill towns. I love scoping out the little places that were huge in the gold rush era. Hornitos, Coulterville, Jamestown, Mt Bullion etc. Most are a shadow of their former greatness, but it’s cool to poke around to link to the past.

      Last weekend me, Mrs. Half Dome and Yosey stayed at the Hotel Charlotte in Groveland. Once called “Garrote” because of necktie parties that used to take place there, it’s a neat little stop on Highway 120 on the Big Oak Flat Road. I can recommend the Hotel Charlotte run by Lynn and Victor. Both are down-to-earth folks with great personalities. The Hotel was built in 1921 and looks classic Victorian.
Our room was all decked out in olde tyme furnishings. Note the cool bathtub. 


     Some pets are allowed and Yosey had a great time playing with Goose. That dog entertained us with a piano serenade. Check to make sure they have room for your little guy. 

     The restaurant is fun and we had the “Barney Rubble;” a huge portion of Lamb. A bonus was the full complimentary breakfast – I’m not talking a donut and coffee – but a buffet with eggs, sausage and pancakes. I downed way more than my usual bowl of Cheerios back home.

     If you stay there, you have to count the clocks that Lynn has collected. I won’t reveal the number, but think high. They are all guaranteed to be correct twice a day! Lynn also has several cabins available at Pine Mountain Lake just up the road if you want that type of accommodation. Since there is no movie theater in the area, the locals keep abreast of happenings with an active calendar. The town Museum is first class and is recommended as you drive east to the park. When we were there an Art Fair and Film Festival were taking place. Also, some guy called Senor ½ Dome gave a talk to the Southern Tuolumne County Historical Society. He got a standing ovulation!!

     The Iron Door Saloon is across the street from the Charlotte and you just gotta step into the oldest saloon in California. Why, I bet John Muir even had a brew there! Click <here> to get to the website for the Hotel Charlotte. Tell them Mr. Half Dome sent you!

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “After dinner sit awhile, after supper walk a mile.” – English Proverb

*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


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