The last hike

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     Columbus Day means the last day for hiking up Half Dome. If you didn’t do it this year, keep alert for the process for 2011. Odds are that permits will be required every day, but we shall see. On the good side, permits days were actually very light. Only about 200 of the available slots were used. Look for a rise in the “fee’ from $1.50 this year to something  more of a deterrent to no-shows next year. People who have to spend $20 or so will be less likely to buy an overage and then toss them. And don’t think the NPS will keep the cables up a few more days since the current weather is good. They need to schedule crews to get up and remove the poles and boards, then store them away. You can still do the hike but you wil not be able to safely get to the top. Although the cables are physically still there and are NOT taken down, they are used by trained climbers coming down after their big wall summit. Two women hikers died in 2006/7 by slipping while rappelling using just the cable.

     In other news, last week CHP officers examined 30 commercial buses that travel into the park. Those behemoths carry international tourist s from gateway towns into the park then clog spots like Tunnel View and Bridleveil Fall.  Out of the 30 inspections conducted, 18 buses were found to be safe, with no violations, and were released without citation.  A total of 12 minor “fix-it” tickets were written. Of those 12, three were for logbook failures.  Another two buses were taken temporarily out of service for logbook violations.  No buses were taken out of service for mechanical deficiencies.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” – Henry David Thoreau

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7 Responses to “The last hike”

  1. andy Says:

    At least now we can climb up the subdome without restriction.
    Hopefully the cables go back up next year. We shall see…

  2. kathy Says:

    Just my opinion – if you are looking for a hike in this end of season good weather – I think this is a sweet hike even without getting to the top. The hike is as much fun as the final goal, so hike to subdome, or even to that high granite spot that is the highest you will be before Halfdome where you can look down onto to saddle, subdome and Halfdome. That in itself is a cool spot to sit and rest before turning back. But as Rick said, don’t go up without the cables. Save that until next year.

  3. mrhalfdome Says:

    This week will be superb. The last gasp for true summer weather.

    I had planned to motorcycle up with a Gilroy buddy who has never been. But he just told me he has to cancel. Since I have a Cedar Lodge Room booked and the rental cycle reserved, I’m going up anyway. If anyone wants to join me. I may hike up to the diving board. Riding up Wed – hike Thurs and ride home Friday. Lemme know.

    • john Says:

      Did your foot completely heal? I still have a partially blackened toenail
      from all the pressure and rubbing against my hiking boots. Next time I am bringing bandages, bubble wrap, and duct tape to change up the pressure points periodically. Also going to pack my NB running shoes, and my vintage brown fedora.

      • Sönke Says:

        A blackened toenail simply means your boots didn’t fit (at all). If you have proper fitting shoes – no matter if it’s running shoes, boots or whatnot – you don’t need any kind of bandages etc.

        Treat your feet and potential hotspots with Bodyglide, use the best hiking socks available (imho Smartwool are way ahead of any competition) and you should be fine (don’t forget to put your shoes on ;)).

        What kind of boots did you use?! As someone (I think Kathy) mentioned in one of the other threads there is no single best shoe/boot as every person does have different feet. I recommend to spend a lot of time trying out the right shoe for you (a good outdoor store usually has some type of “ramp” or mini hill so you can try the shoes in the store) and don’t try to safe on your shoes.

  4. mrhalfdome Says:

    100% back in 3 weeks. High top boots saved me from worse.

  5. john Says:

    When is true fall in the bay area? Do deciduous trees drop leaves in Oct or more like Nov or December? When do the orange trees blossom in Fresno, Isn’t there a popular blossom trail?

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