Coastal Cleanup

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    It’s time to give back a little to the best state in the Union. Next Saturday Sept 25 is the 26th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. Since the California Coastal Commission first organized Coastal Cleanup Day in 1985, over 800,000 Californians have removed more than 14 million pounds of trash and debris from our state’s beaches, shorelines, and waterways. This is the volunteer event focused on the marine environment. 

    In 2009, more than 80,600 volunteers worked to collect trash and recyclables from our beaches, lakes, and waterways. To learn more and to volunteer a couple hours click <HERE>. You don’t need to go to the ocean to assist. Many local rivers and creeks need help. I did one in Santa Clara and you can’t believe the crapola we picked up. Makes you wonder what people are thinking when they just toss stuff into the water and surrounding brush. Bad home training. Wear good boots and gloves. Bags are provided. Hey, it’s only 9 until noon, think about it.

Related thought worth quoting: “Clean up your room or you are not going anywhere.” – My mom
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