Bracebridge Tickets

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Get or Give Half Dome permits<HERE>
    Bracebridge is the name of a gala Christmas event held at the Ahwahnee Hotel every year. It goes back decades and is touted as a real treat.

Ticket prices are “dear” but include a night at the lodge or at Wawona. If you’ve thought about going, you can invest a small sum and rely on Sister Fate. The Yosemite chapter of Rotary International is having a raffle for dinner for two to Bracebridge including a night at the Ahwahnee. Valued at $1200, tickets are only $10 and past raffles have yielded about 500 buyers. Odds aren’t bad. Plus others prizes will be given.  All proceeds go to local charities, mostly scholarships for local kids trying to go to college. For all the info and to buy a ticket, click <HERE>.

    If you happen to be at the park this weekend, look for me. I’m doing #28. Hope it warms up a bit. Looking at near freezing temps overnight. The down sleeping bag is coming for sure! No blog Saturday night…we may still be hiking!

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Hello Muddah, hello Faddah, here I am at camp Grenada. Camp is very entertaining and they say we’ll have some fun if it stops raining. I went hiking with Joe Spivey, he developed poison ivy. You remember Leonard Skinner? He got ptomaine poisoning last night after dinner.” – Allan Sherman
*MrHalfDome – Rick Deutsch –


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