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One fun thing about hiking is that it gets you away from the din of humanity for a brief time. So I’m on the hike up the old Big Oak Flat Road that I described a couple days ago and I have plenty of time to contemplate my navel and the affairs of the world. Ah, the peace and quiet of Yosemite. After several hours I glance down on this remote trail and see a candy wrapper. Hmmm Kellogg’s Mixed Berry Fruity Snacks.


Ah, some guy musta had this slip out his pocket. No worries, I’ll get it. Back to the trail. I come upon a cluster of bees just hovering about 6 feet off the ground. Just buzzing and staying in one place. Maybe 8 of them for several minutes. Like tiny helicopters doing a traffic report. This is odd. I took this photo but the camera would not focus on the tiny things, so this is the best I got.


The light dot is a bee. I did a video and it shows up better. They were just hanging in one spot – all facing the same way. Neat. Then I continue the hike. Look, another piece of trash. It’s the same Kellogg’s candy.


Wow that’s weird; so I pick it up. Continuing another hour, I see yet a third piece of trash – the same Kellogg’s wrapper.

What’s going on? Either some kid is eating the goop and tossing the trash or an adult is a complete jerk. Leave no trace? I continued up to Tamarack Flat Campground. I go to the trash cans to toss the debris and look what I see.


Stacks of unopened Pop Tarts and several bags of, you guessed, Kellogg’s Mixed Berry Fruity Snacks. Same-same. Like a private eye, tracking down a suspect, I now deduce that the bozos that left the candy at (not in) the trash were the culprits. The message here is if we all pick up ONE piece of litter dropped by the mongoloids who toss it, the park would be a cleaner place for hikers and bees.  Then if you see them – pummel them senseless. I feel better, Dr. Laura.
Unrelated thought worth quoting:No city should be too large for a man to walk out of in a morning.” – Cyril Connolly


  *Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


One Response to “Pick it up”

  1. AL Says:

    The morons probably want the bears to come out.

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