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    A last thought on taking care of your temple. Get a good night’s sleep 2 nights before your Half Dome hike. It is that rest that will carry you through on the big day. The night before is important, but you may be so excited that you may not hit REM sleep for very long … Don’t sweat it … use ear plugs, eyeshades and lay quietly – rest your body even if your head is jittery. Oooo ahhhh – bears, cables, dehydration, sore muscles ….  Oooooo you have plenty to run through your mind. Get to bed about 9 – have all your stuff laid out for the morning. Use your checklist and touch everything your plan to take the night before. No sweat.
    I’ll be up at the park the 6th and 7th I was able to give some permits out to readers on the Get or Give permits  thread above. If you need tix, keep reading for nay new entries. I’ve seen a ton of “wanted” listings on Craig’s list. Neil R. of Newark, CA won some of my permits and scooted up the rock with no problem. Here he is on the Visor.


    I’m thinking of skipping HD this time and instead hike the old Big Oak Flat Road just west of El Cap to the top near Tamarack Flat. I do HD so much that I need to do other hikes. Then maybe kick back in the El Cap meadow and gawk at the big boys and girls going up. Mellow.
    By now you heard about the grizzly maulings at Jellystone Park. Not good. But if it helps, no one has ever been killed by a bear at Yo-Semite since the white’s stumbled in. Whew.
    The park has developed the Yosemite Web GIS Portal, a new web-based mapping site  similar to Google Earth. The site is extremely user-friendly yet contains detailed information about park resources and infrastructure, based on the park’s extensive GIS spatial data library. Employees are getting trained now and a public version of the site will be introduced later.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I Fell into a burning Ring of Fire. I went down, down, down and the flames went higher. And it burns, burns, burns – The Ring Of Fire.” – Johnny Cash
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


5 Responses to “The Body – Finale & other news”

  1. AL Says:

    Half Dome Number 6 was a spur of the moment for me yesterday. Sleep at 9pm, leave at 1:30am, hiking by 5:30am, summit at 11am, finish at 4:30pm, showered, ate snacks, toured around, back in Sacramento by 11:30pm.

    Finally back down

    HD is part of a four part series – Mt Shasta, Clouds Rest, San Francisco Marathon, and HD. 80 miles 20,000 ft elevation gain in ONE MONTH.

    From yesterday’s hike, I wont be surprised if the park expanded the permit system to all days. The same freakin crowd problems occur on a Thursday. They should make it like “NO PERMITS required from 6pm to 6am”.

  2. mrhalfdome Says:


    My bet is for 24/7 permits next year. Tooooooo many people on earth!

    OK – YOU gotta tell them “NO PERMITS required from 6pm to 6am”. Good idea…but you must write to the Park Superintendent!

  3. AL Says:

    I will definitely pre-empt and send the Park Superintendent a letter/email. 6pm to 6am may not work because it is still bright at 6pm. 8pm to 8am is better. It gives the sunrisers a chance to get down the cables after the sun has risen. Only the experienced hikers familiar with the trail would dare doing the midnight hike.

    So I have seen a how a Thursday looked like. I have also seen how the day after a holiday looked like when I hiked Clouds Rest on July 5th. The same freakin line all the way through the afternoon. We can see the ant trail when we were at Little Yosemite Valley at 5pm on our way back. No permits on Tuesday or Wednesday only would not make sense because you will see those without permits shift to those days. So those who haven’t hiked it, I suggest to do it this year on a Tuesday or Wednesday because next year could be more difficult.

    Believe me, people were pissed when they arrived between 11am and noon on our way down. yesterday. Most complained about the long line and the permit system does not work.

    Anyway, the good news is that I have seen more people using harnesses and two carabiners latching on the cables. The bad news is that this slows down the line both ways.

  4. Sönke Says:


    Congratulations! And what an impressive schedule. Wow!!! 🙂

    Also thanks for sharing your impressions and pics. Friends of mine summited HD a few days ago on a Thursday too and they made pretty much the same experience than you.

    It really looks like a 24/7 permit system is unavoidable in order to assure some “quality” for the hiking experience. Sad but otherwise HD will be loved to death just like many other beautiful places.

    @Mr. HD:

    I think this week’s “Body series” was very useful and should help people to be optimal prepared. Thanks a lot – extremely well done.

    Personally I prefer 1 minute rests between sets when lifting weights but I guess this comes down to personal taste and also how your body responds.

    I recommend machines for lifting weights for beginners or people who don’t have access to a (personal) trainer who is supervising the training as a proper technique is very important for weight lifting (efficiency, avoiding injuries etc.).

    Dumbbells always produced better results for me but they require a certain experience.


    Frankly speaking I think it is ridiculous that people are using harnesses for the HD hike/cables. This is a hike. A NON-TECHNICAL hike.

    In fact it should be disallowed to use a harness as it will add risks for everybody. It is unnecessary and it’s an illusion that it adds extra safety. As it slows down the progress of the person wearing the harness (clipping/unclipping the carabiners) bottomline it requires more stamina/body strength ascending/descending the cables. Plus it slows down the progress of your fellow hikers. So it requires from stamina/body strength from everybody making it less safe on the cables.

    Just my 2 cents…

  5. mrhalfdome Says:

    I gotta Agee on the home made harnesses. And real mountaineering harnesses are really not needed. I did not see any until last year. There are 68 pole sets go deal with. Very slow if you train, use good gloves and boots you are fine. If this is beyond your ability and capability don’t do it

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