The Body – Part 3 Nutrition

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
Get or Give permits<HERE> August must be the month to go hiking. I am seeing a ton of requests for permits. Check back frequently as some folks are putting in comments WITH permits. It’s first-come, first served here. Don’t count on anybody contacting you. I just entered a Craig’s Listing from a guy with tickets for late August.

    Today we talk about what to eat on your Half Dome hike. Don’t leave just yet, you might learn something. This is not your typical “eat your veggies” discussion. Hopefully you do that and have fish a couple times a week, eat foods of different colors and have your 5 servings of fruits a day. And lay off the chips and fries. Enough said on that.

    When I arrive at the park I plan on a balanced dinner at the Curry Village Buffet. $16 for all you can eat and 2 bucks off that for old farts over 55. I don’t pork out and I don’t eat anything that might come back to talk to me the next day during my hike. No jalapenos peppers. No strange sauces or heavy deserts. I don’t try to “carbo load” either, but rice, pasta and potatoes are a good idea. Did you know that your meal will sit in your stomach for 2-4 hours where acids and muscular movements will turn that burrito into a paste. From there it slides into your small intestine where it sits for 3-5 more hours where most mineral and liquids are absorbed. By the way, the small intestine is really not all that small. It is about 20 feet long but its only about an inch in diameter!   The journey continues into the large intestine (5 inches in diameter) where the goo can stay from 10 hours to several days where every last morsel of nutrient is absorbed. From there the indigestible matter heads south – and we won’t go there!!
     For my breakfast the next morning, I get my treats out of the bear box and enjoy a muffin, a banana, an orange or maybe open a can of tuna. A nice bottle of orange juice, chilled by the night air tops things off.  Now, what to eat on the hike? OK, after 27 times I have it down pretty good. Sandwiches will look like smashed meatballs after 6 hours and the meat and mayo may not agree with you after sitting in the hot backpack. So I take 7 Powerbars, a baggie of trail mix, a baggie of beef jerky and a roll of lifesavers. That’s it. And I bring stuff back. I plan a pad in case I need to stay out longer than planned due to an injury or I can help a fellow hiker who is on empty and hurting. Nibble as you go – don’t save it all for noon on the top. Bring a zip-lock for allyour wrappers and trash. Don’t toss your apple cores – practice “Leave no trace” hiking.
     For dinner I like the buffet again. The Curry pizza is great, but the line is always huge after 7 pm. In a panic, you can go inside by the bar. A little known hamburger stand will get you food in about 10 minutes. Then hit the ice cream parlor inside.
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I never believed the doctrine of deserts, whether applied to mountains or men. Nature’s love is universal.” – John Muir, 1824
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –

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