The Body – Part 1

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    I’m calling this week’s blog, The Body. I plan to go over some important “stuff” about your temple, the hunk of protoplasm you scoot around in everyday. There’s a lot to know to keep you in tip top shape for hiking Half Dome, so we’ll look at some information that you may not know – and not get bored. Hey, alI ask for is 3 minutes of reading a day!
    So today let’s go over being fit or “in shape.”  For optimum health, most doctors suggest we all do 5 to 7 days of vigorous exercise a week.

    And do that for at least 30-45 minutes. This means hard breathing, grunting and sweating.  Do you? Well turns out that your body burns carbohydrates for about the first 30 minutes of exercise. It doesn’t know if you are running from a saber tooth tiger or maybe a woolly mammoth. So it just gives you premium to boggie fast. Then after 30 minutes or so, it realizes that you are either dead from being mauled or you are on an endurance task – like maybe running to meet Zork, from the other tribe. Then your body uses stored fats for energy. See, that Milky Way comes in handy! (Or the spare tire around your belly.) So then it “burns” this for fuel. Ah ha! You say! So if you want to lose weight, go for endurance for 30 minutes – right!! Plus your heart gets a workout. The best pace is to be at about 60 – 80% of your maximum heart rate. To find that, subtract your age from 220. This give you your calculated beats per minute. Then take .6 and .8 of that to find your range. Do it once each year and you are done. Wear a heart rate monitor or just take your pulse and see where you are. One thing I try to do every few years is to take a treadmill stress test. They wire you all up, then crank up the speed and slope of a treadmill for about 3 minutes  in 7 increments. Well, this old man got to level 7 for 1 min 20 seconds. They said I have the body of a 25 year old (I told them he wants it back!) These are expensive tests so you have to really beg your GP to approve it. Tell the doc you think you had a heart murmur.  But it’s a good test to make sure the ticker keeps on ticking.
   Got Azma??  Tune in tomorrow to learn about the wisdom of hiking with asthma from Tony the Doctor.
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Doctor, my eyes have seen the years and the slow parade of fears. Without crying; now I want to understand. I have done all that I could to see the evil and the good without hiding. You must help me if you can.”  – Jackson Browne
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


One Response to “The Body – Part 1”

  1. john lauer Says:

    So sad that the average US adult gets zero days per week with 30 minutes of vigorous exercise. They are too busy exercising their hands with tv remotes, cell phones, cigarettes, and pops n beers.

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