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Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

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Our North Bay bureau is at Yosemite now and phoned in this report from the top of Half Dome. Today is the last non-permit day of the week and sure enough, the cables were crowded before noon. An estimated 20 people in line at the base awaiting their turn. As is becoming routine, home-made harness wearers are slowing things down. We’ve talked about why these are very unsafe, but if it brings you peace of mind, go ahead. Just recognize that the single cable wrapped around your gut connected to a cord with a carabineer might actually garrote you (noose) as you bounce off the granite. If you want to use a harness, go to the Curry Mountaineering Store and buy a real one. It should be around both thighs and your waist with 2 shock cords. (A strip of nylon could snap when you instantly put about 150 pounds on it.). And you need 2 carabineers so you are protected while you move along the 68 poles sets. Since the fatal fall last year I have seen a spike in people with home-made harnesses and only a couple with the real McCoy. In my 20 years of Doming, this is a new phenomenon.

   The waterfalls are hanging in there. The huge snowmelt is still pumping H2O over the edge.     Skies are clear and nice at the park. Today finds Mr. HD down near Monterey. There is an Ansel Adams exhibit going on at the Monterey Museum of Art until October 1. Catch it if you are slumming around Carmel or Big Sur. Talk about micro climates! I left San Jose at 95 degrees – it’s in the mid 60’s here.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “If your friends jumped off a cliff would you? Now eat your dinner.” – My mom

*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


6 Responses to “Half Dome report”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    Perhaps as long as the homemade harness would not snap loose in a fall, the fact that the person would not travel far would make it safer for other climbers far below?!?

  2. mrhalfdome Says:

    Homemade harnesses are unsafe. A shock cord on a real mountaineering set-up prevents the climber from plummeting down – a normal strap could snap upon the instantaneous application of 140-200 pounds – an average climber’s weight.

  3. John Lauer Says:

    I took a close look at the Curry Mountaineering Store. Very nice, friendly, clean operation. Fairly small store with limited selection, though. I do not think I even saw Vasque Breeze. They mostly seemed to have mountain climbing slippers and approach shoes/boots. Most jackets were North Face. NF is to common for my taste, I go for Arteryx, as few people find and use it. I purchased the Breeze after I saw them highly recommended. Mr, Half Dome, ever wear your Breeze all the way to the HD summit? ?The tread seems sticky enough.

  4. mrhalfdome Says:

    The Curry Mountain Store is mostly a convenience place if you forgot something. Outfitters back home are way bigger with a huge selection. The Vasque Breeze GTX with Gortex is one of the best I have owned. I’m now on my 3rd pair. Boots shoudl be retired after about 400 miles or 5 years whichever comes first…therubber molecules start to fag out.

    I wear my Breeze whenever I hike, so they have touched the summit many times. I will see Vasque at Outdoor Retailer and demand an honorarium for all the people I have gotten into them!!

  5. Sherrie Says:

    Looking for permit for 4 to hike half dome on 8/13/11 for a mother and 2 grown sons with a daughter-in-law on her birthday!


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