New NPS Western Region Director

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
Get or Give permits<HERE>  I’m seeing a lot of Aug 20 requests … a big party going on??
    Christine Lehnertz was just named the Western Regional Director for the National Park Service.

    Her office is in Oakland, which just laid off 80 cops (but they have enough to pay the Raiders when the Coliseum is not full – but I digress). Yosemite is included in this region. Why do we care a rat’s toenail about this? We just want to hike up Half Dome. Well, it could be real important depending how she feels about the cable situation. Once the project managers go thru their gyrations of reports and assessments, the final document will ultimately be passed up the chain of command for signature. Yosemite is the biggie of the 58 parks under her. 80,000 people come to the park to hike up it – I hope she has done the hike and supports the cables remaining. Let’s all realize that it’s not a given that the cables will stay up. There is a large camp that wants the park to look like it did in 1850. And even if the procedure says the cables remain – this is an opening for a lawsuit by “the do gooders” to petition that the NPS remove the cables anyway.
    Another interesting connection is that NPS head man, Director Jonathan Jarvis was promoted up from the post that she is filling. He went up the cables last year during his visit to Yosemite.  Lehnertz held positions in cultural resources, ecosystems and human resources at NPS HQ and Yellowstone; she also did as a stint at the EPA. Let’s hope she’s got her boots dirty on the trails. I’ll give her a Half Dome permit. She holds a BS in environmental biology from the University of Colorado.
    To clear things up, the woman who fell to her death in the park last week was NOT on Half Dome. I’ve gotten a few emails from confused readers. There will be a service for her Sunday at 1:30 at the Stanford chapel. She was an avid Yosemite climber and will be missed by the community. I’m sorry she elected to free solo – no ropes.
    If you’ve not been to the huge Bass Pro store in Manteca, come this Saturday. It is a real eye-candy store. Mostly hunting and fishing, but I will be giving my standing ovation generating “Half Dome in a Day –Anyone can do it*”  show at 2 pm.  Let’s pack the place.
    On Thursday July 22, climber Hans Florine will be giving a talk at the Pleasanton Library. It’s free and I will get here early. He holds records for scooting up El Cap among other credentials. The session begins at 7 pm.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Oh Bennie she’s really keen. She’s got electric boots a mohair suit. You know I read it in a magazine. B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets” – Elton John
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –

2 Responses to “New NPS Western Region Director”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    Pleasanton- Ah, home of the “Beaver.” ***Half Dome in a Day –Anyone can do it***- Are you able to post a text copy of this for us here, or is it “Eyes only”?

  2. mrhalfdome Says:

    In response to many requests I get for out of town presentations, I am developing a downloadable version of my presentation. We have filmed this one hour talk that I give at REI, Yosemite and other venues. Final editing and production is nearing completion. I will post more information on availability and pricing soon. This will allow people planning to do the hike and are unable to attend an in-person talk to benefit and do the hike safely.

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