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      As we have discussed, there is no current way to turn in unused permits so others can go up the the Dome. We’ve had 2 weekends of permits being required so the jury is still out as to how many of the 400 a day are being used. Bean counters are tracking how many show up. They are trying to be fair and let as many up the cables as they can. I know many citizens are still unaware of the permit rules. Foreign guests are not tuned in. Aarrgghh… Seems they would check out the park websites (and this blog) for info before trucking up. Rather than tossing your extra permits, here are some suggestions.

     1) Call (888-448-1474) and cancel the unused tickets. This must be done by phone NOT on-line. The nice folks there should be able to process this and put the permits back into the pool. Let me know how it goes. They are in Mississippi somewhere and are busy with hundreds of other parks, so cut them a break – just explain that you are trying to be a good person. Do this at least 3 weeks ahead – so that reissued permits can get mailed out in time. There is no refund of your $1.50 – just a clear conscience and good karma.

     2) You may also give your permit to any other potential Half Dome hiker you choose. If you come to the park you can ask other campers or hikers if they need permits or you can turn them into a ranger – the best place being either the Preventative Search and Rescue (PSAR) table at the Happy Isles Trailhead on Fri-Sun or to the rangers at the Valley Wilderness Center any day of the week.. They will distribute them as they receive them, first come first served – no schedule or waiting list.

    3) Give your unused permits to other hikers along the trail. A real roll of the dice if you need one, but it’s a neat hike anyway. The rangers at Sub Dome also will distribute any unused permits, so you can give the tickets to them. If you need a permit, feel free to check at these places, but realize the chances are pretty slim of them having permits at any given time. PSAR, the Wilderness office and the staff at Checkpoint Charlie on Sub Dome are already very busy, so go with the flow. Keep checking my “Unused Permits” thread. At this point I am seeing more “wants” than “haves.” I’ll be on the top Monday – I saw a lot of readers last week – say hi!

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Blue jays have trodden the Dome many a day; so have beetles and chipmunks, and Tissiack will hardly be more conquered, now that man is added to her list of visitors. His louder scream and heavier scrambling will not stir a line of her countenance.” – John Muir

*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


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