Alex Honnold at it again

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

Get give permits<HERE>

On Wednesday while I was busy grunting up the Half Dome trail, Alex Honnold, the new climbing Messiah, was resting from his June 22 climb up the face of Half Dome in a record a tad over 2 hours and then scooted over to El Capitan and climbed it – that’s both faces in a total of 8 hours. Alex is 22 and hails from Sacramento.

Alex strolls between climbs

He admits to climbing being his only passion – in fact, the only thing he does! He got to the top of HD very early then descended and drove over to El Cap. It took him 2:09 to get up Half Dome and 5:59 to summit El Cap via “The Nose” route. It takes me 2 hours to walk to Little Yosemite Valley!! Counting transit time between the two monsters, it took him 11 hours. A new record for those interested in beating it. He used a 30 ft cord on Half Dome and he brought a full 60 meter rope on The Nose, but only used it getting to the boot, the king swing, and on the great roof. You may recall that he FREE Solo’d up Half Dome – no ropes, alone, on September 6, 2008. His time was 2 hours 50 mins.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The astronomer looks high, the geologist low. Who looks between on the surface of the earth? The farmer I suppose, but too often he sees only grain, and of that only the mere bread-bushel-and-price of it.” – John Muir

*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


5 Responses to “Alex Honnold at it again”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    You will beat him Rick!

  2. andy Says:

    That’s amazing. Pure raw talent, you just can’t teach that. And all without a permit. 🙂

  3. mrhalfdome Says:

    I wonder if any ever climbed DOWN the face of Half Dome?

    I bet once 1,000 a day go up El Cap – there will be permits!!

  4. John Lauer Says:

    “I wonder if any ever climbed DOWN the face of Half Dome Maybe Alex knows. What is his contact info? He ever post here?

  5. Raja Says:

    We hiked HD on Sunday, June 27, 2010. As much as I like the permit system, I felt bad that there were hardly a few people on the trail. The only good thing was that the cable wasn’t too crowded (in fact, only our team of 6 was climbing). We were lucky to get 3 extra permits (when we only needed 2) from a couple of good-hearted hikers who didn’t have to use them because of their early morning hike. But, that was just pure luck and you shouldn’t count on people giving away their unused permits. Some other hikers mentioned that they handed over their unused permits to the ranger. Like a good citizen, we handed over our extra permit to the ranger at the sub dome. It was great to walk on the mist trail and to see the Vernal falls and Nevada falls at full flow.

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