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Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
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June 24, 2010 – Yosemite National Park, CA. This correspondence is being transmitted via wireless connection from zip code 95389 to the Western World and ships at sea. The author’s twenty-sixth summit of the signature landmark of Yosemite was accomplished at 10:47 am Pacific Daylight Time yesterday. Cries of “Mr. Half Dome” rang out from the throng gathered as witnesses. It was truly a spectacle to behold. And now the news:

Wednesday was a “non-permit” day for hiking Half Dome. The crowds were acceptable and my group stayed up until about noon. By 1 pm there was a solid mass on the cables, but no line formed at the base. The caterpillar up the cables was bottled-necked by a notable number of people going up the cables using harnesses (most home-made) and straps/caribeeners. The weather was spectacular – only about 80 degrees up top. A large snow field covered the north portion of the dome.

Cables at noon

For users of the internet, the Curry Village Lounge connection is bandwidth limited and you will sit a long time trying to connect to “dlink” People who use skype clog the system. At the Ahwahnee, they have transitioned to a service provided by SolutionIP. In the past, you could just sit down and connect. They have tightened up the ship. Now you have to get a password when you check in. So if you have $439 to stay there, you will be blessed with free access. If not, you’ll have to pay at the Yosemite Lodge or keep trying at Curry.

The scoping periled for the Half Dome Stewardship Plan ends June 25. Get your comments in chop-chop. Here is the link to comment. <HERE> Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

I have a lot of info to share so keep the dial tuned here.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Yosemite was all one glorious flower garden before plows and scythes and trampling, biting horses came to make its wide open spaces look like farmer’s pastures fields.” – John Muir 1912
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


6 Responses to “Dispatch from Curry”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    Merced discharge at Happy Isles is still nearly 2000 cfs. The Mist and Falls must be spectacular in conjunction with sun and 90 degree temps!

  2. Alan Hudson Says:

    Congratulations. I have a question and a plea. I just finished reading your book for the second time. It was fantastic. I think it really prepared me for my first attempt in a couple of days. The question: For the novice who does not want a lot of extra fuss on the hike what would you recommend I use; a filter, a purifier, Iodine tablets or a SteriPEN.
    Now for the plea: I had planned to go up Sunday and hike Half Dome with my two boys on Monday. Complications and life has intruded and we will have to go up tomorrow and hike on Sunday. Does anybody have three permits for Sunday? I am hesitant to go at all without Sunday permits. I can be reached at 818-259-3482.

  3. Sönke Says:

    Because waterflow is very high it should be no problem to find enough water. 😉 So if you don’t want to carry water bottles (1 gallon/person) I recommend a filter. It’s lightweight, easy to use and you get “results” quickly. A Katadyn filter would be my choice (the Yosemite Mountain Shop at Curry Village has water filters if you don’t manage to buy one before you leave) but MSR produces quality filters too.

    Because of the high waterflow I suggest you’ll be extra careful when pumping water (e.g. Emerald Pool, Merced etc.).

    I can’t help you with the permits, sorry. I wouldn’t go without them as it is very likely there’ll be “a zoo” out there on Sunday which could mean a zero tolerance policy if you show up at the Subdome without permits.

    • John Lauer Says:

      They can fill up at that stream still spilling over John Muir Trail nearly at the top of Nevada Falls- that water is very clear too. even if they go up mist trail, it is a very small distance back down John Muir Trail. I think Katadyn Hiker is the best selling filter and is relatively cheap. Get a cople of those Camelback waterbottles with one-way drinking valves on the top. Make sure to have a waterproof shell jacket, or some sort of water tarp/shield for your upper body. Best to have water resistant hiking boots. Make sure to take some food… subs, sandwiches, nuts, fresh fruit, Oreos. SUNGLASSES, polarized if possible. A hat or cap can be handy. Sunscreen= it gonna be HOT-N-SUNNY. There will also be water half a mile up Half Dome trail itself just off trail.

  4. Patrick Frey Says:

    It looks like I am a day late on the public comment period. And it looks like they are using their own system rather than Regulations.gov for taking public comment (which is a little irritating). Perhaps they will accept mailed comments to the address they provided on the NPS website. Hopefully, in any future public meetings, they will be webcast. As anecdotal information, I rarely encounter Californians in Yosemite and would appreciate the ability to participate (I live in Maryland). I encounter the rest of the country and world when hiking in Yosemite. Their project plan for Half Dome indicates there may be another opportunity for public comment after they develop a draft EA. Let’s hope.

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Scoping’s been open for over a month. Go ahead and mail it in. The NPS uses their own system for these projects. I have asked for webcasts for a long time – feel free to mention that in your comment. The stats actually show close to 90% of yosemite visitors are indeed form Calif. Living here is no advantage. Most of the review meetings etc are held on-site with no conference hook up. Hard for us to do the drive for a 2-hour session mid week.

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