Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
    With the arrival better weather and the Half Dome hiking season underway, we are getting a lot more Blog readers who are seeking the light.  Welcome to the newbies!  Here’s how we do it. This blog is a production of Carpe Diem Experience, the dba (“doing business as”) of my enterprise. Notice – NO Google ads or other solicitations. Just wisdom from my cranium to your medulla oblongata. Feel free to post blogs, but keep them relevant to the topic. This is not SF GATE where people rant and rage. I am just a guy who is passionate about Half Dome and trying to share my years of experience with youse guyz. If you have  concern, don’t just comment here with it…write the park – the Superintendent is the head cheese (Don Neubacher) – tell him, not me.  I’ve done the hike 25 times – not a record, but not too shabby. So I have bottomed out on the optimum ways to do things. You are free to use my suggestions or not. I do the hike with a fanny pack – most of you like backpacks. OK by me. In fact I just got a nice small, lightweight pack that has a suspension system to keep my sweating back cool. I will try it on my June 23 hike. If it works, I will blog about it.
     We are now in “permits required” land. If anyone has done the hike this weekend under the permit umbrella please let us know how it went.
     For you others, I am very curious just where you do your training hikes. I live in San-Jose-by-the-sea and I love Mission Peak in Fremont, Henry Coe in Morgan Hill, Rancho San Antonio in Los Altos Hills and St. Joseph’s Hill in Los Gatos. Please reply with your favs. No matter where you live in Calif – SoCal included.
     Today I gave a talk at Willow Bridge Books in Oakhurst and also stopped by the Wawona  Hotel for dinner. I got a lot more fodder for future blogs. Carpe Diem.
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “E=mc2 . . . Energy equals mass times the velocity it is traveling at squared.” – Albert Einstein.
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


7 Responses to “Housekeeping”

  1. Rick Romio Says:

    I’ve been to “U-See-Might” (our family pet name for Yosemite) over 25 times, always dreaming of hiking Half Dome. Well the day has finally come, and I will attempt it on June 23. Perhaps we will pass on the trail! I will be the one with the one with the excited gleam of a child (on the trail), and the look of fear (on the cables) of a first time base jumper (I have a “mild” fear of heights). Living in the City (San Diego), I have been training on the stairs in front of the Convention Center. I hope this will be enough training to drag my 51 1/2 year old body up to the top and back. I just came across your blog recently, and I love it. Keep up the effort and hope to see you on the trail Wednesday, and many, many more times in the future …

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Rick to Rick,

      Yes, look for me. I will have a gaggle in my party and a small film crew. (Give the the secret sign and we may interview you. – tap your right hand on your head.) We’re leaving at 04:30 to beat the rush on the cables. And don’t worry – I have few years on you and I intend to do until they plow me under.


  2. John Lauer Says:

    OK, my first request of the head cheese was for the Tioga pass webcam to be fixed. If they can install a $4.5 Million state-of-the-art Solar_power array, they can restore functionality to the cam.

  3. Stalin Says:

    I live in sunnyvale and hike Mission Peak every week as a preparation for HD hike. Last week i did back to back and it was great. Another favorite trail would be Black Moutain trail in Rancho San Antonio. Its a decent 9 Mile round trip hike. The first and last 1.5 miles are steep like MP. I just did that today.

    No more hiking until Jun 27th as i will be hiking HD 🙂

  4. HK Says:

    Was not sure where to put this comment but I remembered your call for favorite preparation hikes here. In the LA area, I started with Echo Mountain (5 mile, 1400 feet gain) and progressed each weekend to longer and higher elevation hikes such as Santa Anita Canyon (10 mile, 2100 feet gain), Inspiration Point (10 mile, 2900 feet gain), and Timber Mt via Icehouse Canyon (9 mile, 3400 feet gain). I was in Yosemite early June but the cables were not yet up, so I hiked Yosemite Falls (9.4 mile, 3000 feet gain), and the Four Mile Trail (9.4 mile, 3200 feet gain). But the best preparation hike was the last one I took, to Old Baldy (Mt San Antonio, 10064′) which was a 10 mile, 3900 feet gain hike.

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