Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

The cables are officially up and in their posts, the 2 x 4 boards are in place and the trail is open. Let the hiking begin!! No permits required until Friday.


Related thought worth quoting: “Go  tell it on that mountain, over the hills and everywhere. I say go tell it on the mountain … the Half Dome cables are up.” – Traditional religious song modified.

*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


13 Responses to “UP UP UP – THE CABLES ARE UP”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    Up, and I have 4 permits for Saturday! Unfortunately, I am out of state. Also, I have 4 permits for Saturday, June 26th. People who want them, let me know…

    • Lisa Jones Says:

      Do you still have them? I would love them my family is going up on Friday. I did not get permits in time so we thought we were out of luck. Please let me know, thank you!
      Lisa Jones

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        Lisa….who are your addressing? We have a flood of emails on tickets…suggest you write to the person you intend directly. Their address is under their name.

      • John Lauer Says:

        Email your mailing address, and I will get them sent out today…

    • Lisa Jones Says:

      Hi John,
      Would you please email your email address so I can give you my fed ex account number and address. I do not feel comfortable posting my address on an open web site. i know I may be crazy to worry about that.
      many thanks,

      • John Lauer Says:

        I will send them out today US mail. They should get to June Lake in advance of when you need them…

  2. AL Says:

    Is July 5 considered a holiday since the 4th of July falls on a Sunday? I’m wondering if the park requires a permit that day.

  3. Stalin Says:

    That’s good news. Anyone hiking on Jun 27th ?

  4. frebay Says:

    can anyone report back if there is still snow on subdome?

  5. mrhalfdome Says:

    The steps up Sub Dome will be clear and safe to hike. But nice to get a report from someone who is going up this week.

  6. kathy Says:

    I just got back from a week in Yellowstone and learned that I got discounts from the Yellowstone Association with my Yosemite Association card, so wanted to let all who are YA members (currently Yosemite Conservatory) who might visit other NPs to check on potential discounts using our cards. 15% off on something you might get anyway isn’t bad. BTY – I still prefer Yos NP : )

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